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  1. I just have to vent....the other day I went to McD's...looking for some Big Mac action. The line was way long...wrapped around the building for the drive-thru. I finally get to the order box about 20 minutes later...and they ask me if I want to try a new chicken sammich. Geez, come on now, if I wanted one, I'd order the freakin' thing. So I order my big mac, and then they ask me if I want that callin me fat?!? Then they ask me if I want an apple pie for dessert. NO means NO! I finally get to the pay window (how many stops are on this ride)....and I use my card, then they ask if I want a receipt. I'm thinking "nah, who needs I receipt, when you have this much money who needs to keep up with it." So they have to print another copy, why not just print one the first time...who knows! And the damn printer runs out of paper. No kidding....and it took the grandma who's used to doing addition on an abacus about 10 minutes to replace it, and I get a receipt with that pink stripe on the paper. You ever see one of those? What's that all about....they checking for counterfeit receipts now using a pink highlighter or something? Ok, got my order in, finally get my receipt, time to move onto the pick-up window. They hand me my diet coke, but the little button tab wasn't pushed in, so I'm thinking "is this this not diet...what's going on?!?!" Then they hand me my bag, I peak in...fries and a big mac. ALl looks good, but then I open the box and see pickles...PICKLES! I didn't order any pickles! So i have to pull up, get out of my car, in the rain/sleet/snow and tornado, walk all the way into McD's to fix their mistake. And to top it all off, after its all said and done, my fries are cold, my diet coke is watered down, and I didn't even get a "thank you, come again."

    But, ya know what, I'll go back again.
  2. One thing that ticks me off more than anything, is that the fries can be cold or really greasy (I won't eat them), but if the pop is watered down, that royally pizzes me off. I have to have a good tasting pop to wash the grease pit burger down. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  3. hahah good read i got a kick out of that

    i havent had a big mac in over a year...
  4. Fast food is an injection...It kills people..You ordered a DIET coke with your burger thats got the same fat content as 2 sticks of butter?

    By the way, who changes your diaper?
  5. yeah these same things really piss me off too, but i guess that is what you get when buying cheap food from low paid workers...I get way more ticked at waiters that do a crappy job b/c they should have my tip as motivation, i dont have to leave a cent to them and they wont get jack from me if they do horrible enough, i swear i think some of them think tip is required and that they will get some not matter what.

    even if they are supporting kids or whatever, some of them just think its a free ride or something ya know? Ive even worked at a restaurant so not like i havent seen both sides of things.
  6. The pink stripe lets the person working the machine know that they are nearly out of paper.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, we have Arnold Schwartznegger on the site!!!!!! :rolleyes:
  8. oh McDonalds.... you suck
  9. someone call the whaaaaambulance!!


    would you like some cheese with that whine?


    do i hear a boo? a BOOHOO?!?!


    why dont you fill out a complaint card? when youre done, just drop it in the box labeled "trash".

    take your pick :nice:
  10. how hard/fast would you work for 5.25 an hour? If they would pay more they would attract or atleast keep better employees. I'm sure McDonalds could afford to pay higher wages but they don't have to because people will continue to go regardless of the service. MASS MARKETING WORKS
  11. Diet coke for the lack of sugar, after 12 years of mt dew rotting my teeth. And your gf changes my diaper right after she finishes wiping her chin.

    ANYWAYS, apparently my humor has gone over the heads of Stangnet once again. I was attempting to inject some humor by complaining and whining about something other than cops for a change...and to prove the point that we live with all sorts of crappy customer service on a daily basis. This story wasn't real! I know what the pink stripe is for! CAN ANYONE TAKE A JOKE?!?!
  12. So you were bored enough to fabricate a story on our thoughtful. Next time could you pencil in some hookers or something to make it interesting.
  13. I figured if I was bored enough to read all those ****ing threads about cops and sig pics, what the hell. Yeah, shoulda included the complimentary BJ when I ordered a milkshake.

    Edit - the story wasn't completely made up, I'm sure all of thsoe things have happened at McD's at one time or another, just not all at the same time. I'm too much of a smart-ass for my own good.
  14. you know a McManager offering up special services for your troubles would have made it much more enjoyable. You could have gave her your Special Sauce.
  15. Yeah, they should offer an extra value meal for that. Unfortunately the gals I usually see managing the place are like 15. Ever notice how McD's is like a backwards food chain. The youngest people are running the place and the old guy with a bad back is mopping the floor and the 90 year old woman is cleaning toilets?
  16. Aren't Big Macs supposed to have pickles? Your first mistake was going there after 11am. WTF do they have thats worth the 3 bucks you spend after 11am?
  17. McD's rocks! I can get 3 double cheeseburgers and 2 fries for 5 bucks! Where else can I fill up like that for 5 bucks these days? But then again, I think my standards have lowered since I've been eating the life-sucking-money-spending woman I call "honey"
  18. I agree 99cent double cheeseburgers...2 dollars for lunch is great when i'm saving or in a rush.