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  1. Apparently you didn't read the story the other day about the guy in California that bought a couple burgers at Burger King and paid $4,334.33! The stupid teenager with no math skills or common sense punched in $4.33 twice on the guys card...

    Hey, I was at the liquor store and the new girl (with big tits and no brains) punched in my big bottle of Kahlua twice (my girl's drink). The bill was $71 instead of $52. So they punch in a credit for $18 and then debit me another $52... :jaw: Are you following me? So now they've charged me $71, charged me $52 and credited me $18... do the math. Now I'm overcharged $52 instead of $18... ****ing kids... don't they learn anything in school?
  2. Kilgore sez: Worst thread of the month :notnice:
  3. Dude... I didn't mean to hit a sensitive spot about getting you fired from your manager position at Carl's Jr... :rlaugh:

    j/k bro... I'm drinking.. :D :nice:
  4. as stated above, the pink stripe is to let them know the printer is almost out of paper.

    i get diet coke every time i get fast food. i get it cause i cant stand the taste of regular coke. i dont care what the fat or sugar content is considering i pound 2 or 3 bottles of Rockstar a day at work.
  5. whats rockstar?
  6. I prefer Diet Coke to Coke. Regular is way too sweet. Rockstar must be an energy drink. I drink Amp but that's a bit too sweet.
  7. Ouch, harsh words. I'm still working on beating out that "potty" thread by topless a while back.
  9. Pepsi > Coke
  10. Coke > mule **** > pepsi
  11. coke = mule **** = pepsi

    J/K LOL,for me, lemonade or Brisk raspberry iced tea :nice: