Caster Camber Plate install....

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  1. Is it as easy as it sounds? :shrug:
    Simply jack the car it...'wrench' off the large bolt holding the strut....and replace?
    Give me your methods, please. Also, could you post some pics of the process if you have them? I'm at the point now, where I'm 'Dry Fitting' everything to get it ready for paint, as I don't want to do this stuff with fresh paint in the bay.
    Thanks again, guys. Any links of this would be appreciated.

  2. I'm curious as well. I want to install some MM ones this summer (after finals, when I start working again).

    Once you install them, what's the alignment like? Obviously it should go to a shop, but how bad is it out of the box?
  3. I just did the MM plates in December. It was really easy. You'll really need an impact to take the strut nut off. The thing that took me a while to figgure out was the spacer system that they use on lowered vehicles to make sure the struts don't bottom out. Read the directions carefully and you'll be fine.

    As far as the alignment, just eyeball it and take it to a shop but not one of those cookiecutter alignment shops, call around and find a place that has experience setting things that are outside of factory specs.