Castrol GTX Vs. Valvoline

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by GTA_V6_Mustang, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Ok I have been using Castrol GTX in my car since I have had it and I've been pretty pleased so far, motors still in one peace :D . Well i am going to switch up now i was thinking of switching over to either Castrol GTX SynBlend or to Valvoline full Synthetic and I will be useing a K&N Oil filter with whichever i deciede to use. So in your honest opinions which do you guys think would be better?
  2. I only trust mobil 1. Ive been using full synthetic Mobil 1 with K&N oil filters for a long time. I have 88k miles with no problems, dad has 160k miles on his grand marquis with no problems, mom has 150k miles on her expedition with no problems, brother has 75k miles on his f150 with no problems. All of the cars are still running great. I would pay the extra money and go with Mobil 1 Full Syn, personally i think its worth it.
  3. I've always used Castrol GTX. I haven't really noticed anything, so I guess it's good. I don't really trust the synthetic brands.
  4. I work with oil all the time, castrol gtx is some of the best oil, Mobil One full synthetic is my choice though.
  5. Ok so you guys think i should go with Mobile one full synthetic huh? The thing is i use 20W-50 and valvoline is the only one offered in full synthetics. Unless i went down to 10W-40... What do you think?
  6. I run regular 5w20 valvoline oil and a fram filter in my car and it has never had any problems either. Chances are as long as you don't use a really crap filter or oil you won't have any problems. My car only has 41k miles so I just use regular oil but once I get to probably 75k I'll switch to syn...costs too much for now though.
  7. Yea but ur car is a 2001 with 41k my car is a 94 with 150k. Oil that thin would kill my motor. :nonono:
  8. Both r fine in my opinion, but I like Royal Purple full synthetic expensive but u change it every 10,000 miles so its not to bad VS. regular oil. I believe its the only oil that dynos an HP gain.

  9. How much is it per bottle?