Cat-back Exhaust, Specific Requirements

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  1. Guys, I am looking for a moderately priced cat back or muffler recommendation. I am looking for an exhaust that will not be oppressively loud at cruise, minimal resonance, but will get pretty rowdy when you give it the gas. Flowmaster 40 delta flows? Magnaflow? How are Pypes systems? I am about a year from moving on this, I still have some suspension issues and other things to sort out, but it is definitely in the cards. Just looking to prep the battlefield a bit.
  2. I will also be purchasing mufflers of some sort in the near future or more so as soon as I get my engine completely reassembled. I am planning to put Flowmaster Super 44's on my 306. Based on the way they sound on my dads 5.7 hemi I think they will sound pretty nasty on the fox. Maybe look up some various videos on youtube based off the type of configuration you currently have on your ride. I also intend to go with just piping from the header back into those mufflers and then out. Getting the piping and what not done by a local shop will probably be your best bet for affordability as well.
  3. Dynomax VT's. They have a flapper valve in them that keeps them nice and quiet and drone-free at part throttle, but when you romp on it the valve opens up and they rip. I've been through a :poo: ton of mufflers including Super Turbo, Ultra Flow, Borla, Quiet Flow, and these are hands down the best I've ever had for being quiet at cruise and high-flow when you need them to be.
  4. I would steer clear of Pypes, every system I have ever installed required far to much work to get them to fit. The flowmaster kits fit really well these days but have that classic part throttle drone on the highway. I personally like the magnaflow kits. They fit nice and sound good. I have magnaflow mufflers on my 91GT and like them no complaints here.
  5. Do you potentially have a video of it running just to get an idea of what it sounds like?
  6. I will in the next week or so. The motor is going back in the car one night this week. I'll keep you updated!
    Look in my thread in the Talk forum Project Street Heat for all the details
  7. Sounds great man, looking forward to hearing what it sounds like.
  8. What did you think of the ultraflo's (you are talking dynomax right)? Think i'm going that route because "supposidly" it fits no mods with the panhard bar.
  9. I've had the ultra flows in years past, they are more of a straight through kind of muffler and a little on the loud side but a nice muffler non the less.
  10. I didn't like ultra-flows, at least the old ones before they went "welded", they sounded like a blatty glasspack to me, and way too loud. The VT's are pretty much like an Ultra Flow Welded (straight through, perforated pipe, glass packing" but with a valve in the outlet that tames them way down when just cruising.

    Here's a video with the mic under the console, no tailpipes, just turndowns.

  11. Thanks,
    Sounded pretty good.
    I actually planned on getting the 19483 ultraflo welded kit. I just thought the 17393 ultraflo kit was the same with a cheesy chrome/polished muffler.

    Tailpipes are a must for me and from what i have been told before (that is not 100% fact yet) the ultraflo kit works with the MM panhard bar with no mods.
    I called dynomax and they told me the welded kit is the same as the non welded other than the muffler.

    I'd prefer the car quiet down a little, but it's not absolutely necessary. I currently run an offroad bassani x with my original 3 chamber flowmaster catback.
  12. I just reinstalled my Dynomax 2.5 inch LX tailpipes yesterday after about 3 years with dumps. Wow, I have my car back! I ****ing hate dumps. I only took the tails off because I figured they had to be contributing to the gas tank overheating problem I was having on long or hot track days. Taking them off helped, but over time I also shielded and moved more and more of the fuel plumbing away from exhaust heat sources, and I think I have the problem pretty well in check now.

    So yesterday I had to dropped the PHB, spent some time hanging some of the military-grade heat shielding, wrapped a few more lines, topped off the diff, put the PHB back in, and then started measuring to see if my intermediate pipes and the VT mufflers would work with the dynomax tails. Oh. my. God. It was going to bolt up, with some massaging. And so it did.

    And now...ahhhhh. SO much better.