Cat Back Vs Axle Back

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  1. I just picked up my brand new 2013 GT Premium. My previous car was an 05 GT and I had a Borla Cat Back S Type exhaust on it. I'd love to put another Borla system on it but I'm wondering if I should save a lot of money and just go with the Axle Back Stingers. The quality of my old Borlas was top notch so I will get another set. Aside from being a better quality material than the OEM tubes that go back from the H Pipe to the mufflers, are there any other differences, maybe the sound is a bit different? I believe the diameter is the same, at least it was on my 05.
  2. I would go with just the axle-backs if you are just looking for the sound and/or don't want to squeeze everything you can out of it N/A.
  3. durtyd929:

    There are resonators welded into the factory tubing (the section that the cat-back will replace). Without the resonators, the sound volume increases. One of the resonators has a bit of a dent in it for clearance. If you are looking to minimize pressure drop and backpressure (forced induction, looking for every bit of power, etc.) then the cat-back is the way to go. I do not know if drone will be produced without the resonators but you can find lots of video clips of sound clips of resonator-less late model Mustangs to help with your decision.

  4. I have a 2010 GT and want to install the Roush Extreme cat backs and was wondering if this could cause the check engine light to come on. I don't think it should as I am leaving the catalytic converter and increasing flow but I am lost with the new electronics in these new cars.
  5. schlep,

    The CEL will NOT come on if you install an cat-back or axle-back mufflers.

    Go put on those mufflers and enjoy the improved sound!

    The computer is accessible. You can do it or you can use a reputable tuner. My car came with the FRPP ProCal performance tune and it doesn't void the warranty. Anyway, you have got lots of reading to do to get caught up on the potential of your new ride.

    And, before I forget, welcome to the forum.

  6. From what I understand, there's very little performance gain to be had going with a full cat back set up on an S197. I say stick with the axle back and get the sound you really want.
  7. Unless you are making some serious, forced induction power, just do the axle-backs.