Exhaust Cat backs for 98 GT...looking for guidance

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by JDubs, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for a cat-back system form my 98 GT. My ride is more or less stock, and has 65K original miles. Because it's a convertible, and because of my stage in life, I'd like an exhaust that sounds good, but not too noisy. I think this would disqualify Flowmaster's American Thunder system.

    For some reason, Flowmaster does not offer the Force II exhaust system for the 98 GT...which is what I would opt for if I could. I have no idea why they don't offer it. Is there a reasonable substitute? Fit and finish is important, and I want to avoid 3.0' (or larger) outlets...the car is basically stock, after all.

  2. I have a 98 GT convertible and I switched from Flowmasters to SLP Loudmouth and I love them. I think they might be too loud for what you want though, but I dont think the Flowmasters are loud at all so I'm not sure what kind of sound you're after. Maybe check out a Borla or Magnaflow, though neither brand I really like. Pypes might be a way to go. Or just leave it stock.
  3. magnaflow catback (not the magnapacks) paired with an off road mid pipe


    magnaflow magnapack catack with the stock cats and mid pipe

    both should sound great but not overly noisy. fit and finish is one of the best.
  4. I bought my 04GT with Borla Stingers on it. Silly loud. So I put on a Ford Racing cat back. That was louder than stock, but not by much. Then eventually went to MRT high flow catted H Pipe. Nice muscle car sound. Probably a little too loud. The Ford Racing is nice in that it has two different sized mufflers, just like stock, so you won't get "the drone".

    So there is your 2 step plan. Ford Racing cat back, and if it's not loud enough, then add a high flow cat and that will bring the volume up.
  5. If you're planning on keeping cats on the car the American thunder is a great choice. I had them on my 98 back in the day....deep tone....not obnoxious....my current setup is s little loud for me but after almost the $1000 investment I'm not changing it again
  6. I've been thinking about the delta force myself for my 02 conv. Just want a little exhaust note.
  7. I have an offroad H and stock cat back and it is plenty loud for me. It sounds nice all around because ford did the hard work of tuning the exhaust system already. I just removed the major restrictions in the middle. ;)
  8. The flow master stuff fit and finish wise is incredible, quality second to none and on my 96 GT vert they sounded good, not to loud and no drone on the highway with the stock catted H pipe
    The magnaflow also fits very well
    The pypes as mentioned earlier in the thread are junk, fit and finish is the absolute bottom of the barrel!