Cat-Eliminators for 2005+ Mustang GT at Ninosport

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  1. Hey guys, we're on the verge of introducing our Ninosport Cat-Eliminators for the 2005+ Mustang GT. These pipes will replace the portion of your stock H-pipe that has the cats, essentially making your stock H-pipe into an off-road pipe.

    We've listened to our customers and here's what many of you want. You want more power, a deep muscle-car rumble, and you want it cheap! The Ninosport Cat-Eliminators delivery on all three counts. See, the stock H-pipe is actually a pretty good design, with 2.5" stainless steel tubing, hi-flowing mandrel bends, and an H-pipe cross-over that produces a deep muscle-car rumble. But, it does have some bottlenecks that hinder exhaust flow. These bottlenecks include the puny 2" pipes that connect to the headers and the huge stock catalytic converters. By eliminating these bottlenecks you get maximum performance and a wicked exhaust note that will wake up the neighbors!

    To install the Ninosport Cat-Eliminators you simply cut the stock H-pipe behind the cats and clamp on the stainless off-pipes with the high quality hardware that is included. All oxygen sensor fittings are included for an easy, bolt-on installation (MILs or a tuner are required to prevent the Check Engine light from turning on). Now you have a full stainless off-road H-pipe at a fraction of the cost of a new off-road mid-pipe.

    We expect to have the Ninosport Cat-Eliminators in stock in about 2-3 weeks and our target price is under $100. Stay tuned and give us any feedback!

    - Increased power
    - Eliminates heavy cats
    - Deep, powerful rumble
    - Easy bolt-on installation
    - Great bang-for-the-buck
    - Full stainless construction
    - Lifetime warranty


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