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  1. Anyone know a good place to go to get a read up on the cbaza strategy that is pretty in depth. Id like to know as much as I could about it. Thanks
  2. i have picked up some info over at
  3. Search on here actually is a good place to start. Since this tuning area was created a lot of the tuning info was moved here I have not gone to the eectuning forum in years. With the focus on our years already it just cuts down on the filtering out the A9 stuff. If your just starting I would read the basics of the tuning guide sticky and pick items to search on from beginning things to more complex things. There is a wealth of info Grady and Wes have posted.

    1. Getting started.
    2. MAF, injector, timing and how it works in our eec.
    3. Go from there in what area you want to research. From driveability, WOT, N/A, boost, N2O, and idle.
  4. Hello Justin :D

    The tuning sites have TONS of good info which will get you started :nice:

    Yes ... There is a good bit of info here :)
    Not a whole lot of ... in depth info ... has been dealt with here ........

    in the past year or so :(

    Now ... if you go back 2 to 3 years ago :eek:

    Many peeps were talkin tunin 94-95 Stangs quite a bit back then :spot:

    You can find info on all three 94-95 forums

    Use the link in my sig for some basic tuning info :D

    The software used on that site is older software
    You REALLY don't care about software :nono:
    What you REALLY wanna know is how the pcm works :Word:

    Wes has some really good stuff here and on his site :hail2:

    Good Luck :)

  5. Post up any specific questions that you've got that you can't find the answer to over on CBAZA is a bit of a redheaded stepchild. It was the stepping stone from the super simple Fox PCMs to the EECV and beyond stuff.

    That being said, most of the stuff (especially the concepts) you read on the Foxbodies (A9L/GUFB) will apply.

    The CBAZA cars use the concept of Load much more than the Foxes so you pick up the ability to pull some nifty tricks and fine tuning but with that comes some complexity.

    I think the best way to learn nowadays is to get a QuarterHorse and BinaryEditor so you can make changes while the car is running and see what they do in realtime.

  6. Thanks alot guys for your responses. Ive already got a quarterhorse and BE/EA and ive been reading alot since Ive gotten it. I really love learning about this stuff but there is a few things that I just cant seem to grasp. Like transient fueling for example (tau). I know what it is but I dont have any idea how it works and how its tuned in with a setup.

    And I have also heard that cbaza is the redheaded stepchild bc its so close to eec-v computers. Im just glad i'll be learning on one of the more complex strategies:nice:lol. But anyways, like grady said, Im really looking into knowing how the eec works and how it "thinks" so to speek.

    Im also on eectuning and there is a lot of good info over there, its just so much searching through post and topics. Just b/c theres so many since its been around so long. But that really is a good thing.

    But thanks again guys for the info and responses. I really appreciate it.

  7. You'll hit the transient fueling after your establish a solid MAF curve in steady state. I shoot for no more than 3% variation all the way up.

    Once that is squared away you'll verify your manifold volume is correct and then work on the transients.

    Transient fueling is complicated but in a nutshell it represents the fuel trapped on the wall - to go about tuning it you'll log the X/Y axis of the table to approximate your location and log your wideband or narrowbands (which are quick to switch) and do various tip ins and adjust the amount and duration of the transient shot to keep the fueling stable.

    It's a bit of logging but overall most combos start off fairly close. Just know that you will do it towards the end of the tune, it isn't a crutch to cover other issues (like an out of wack MAF curve).

  8. I just gotta say :D

    In the past ... Wes has put up some really good stuff :nice:

    And this tid bit of info :banana:

    Well ... I could go on and on about how it shows his wisdom :hail2:

    Speaking form hosing around with all that stuff :rlaugh:

    Yes ... Focus in on the major things first :Word:

    Most of that other stuff is ... Icing on the Cake

    Ya gotta have the cake first :spot:

    Hey ... I do admit to having to do things twice because I kinda lost
    focus about what needed to be first :bang:

    I can chase rabbits down a false trail just as good as the next guy :rlaugh: