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  1. Watch CBS 21 talk to CJ Pony Parts - Video

    Things are heating up at CJ Pony Parts and have been for awhile now as the Dauphin County Mustang parts and restoration company has been named one of Central Pennsylvania's fastest growing businesses for the past 2 years.
    V.P.of Business Development, Kyle Nagle says that's because of the people not the parts.

    Nagle says, "we have great people working for us, that's the bottom line. We have hired and continue to hire excellent people who are able to grow our business and know that they have to take care of our customer in order to grow".

    And that's who they need more of right now -- Customer Care and Sales Representatives.
    For these jobs, you need to be able to communicate easily over the phone, have good computer skills and be organized.

    Other positions that are open are in the warehouse, where all the parts are shipped out of.
    Again, good computer skills are a must, because everything is automated and tracked electronically.

    You can build an entire Mustang with just parts in the warehouse, in fact, the folks at CJ Pony Parts did just that with a replica of the car in the movie, "Gone in 60 Seconds". So whether you're interested in parts or restoration, you can use your hobby to build a career here.

    And that brings us to the final job opportunity - restoration where your knowledge of Mustangs will really come in handy.
    These are the folks who assemble the finished cars when they come back from paint and body.
    So if you're looking for a new job, and you love cars -- your *worries* could be "gone in 60 seconds".

    Here's the link for the application and more information about the company