ccrm problem?

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  1. My 1995 gt wont start. The fuel pump isnt coming on. I know it is getting power to the fuse for the fuel pump, but the wire coming out going to the fuel pump isnt getting power coming from the ccrm. so that means the safety switch and fuel pump arent getting power. Would a bad ccrm cause this? im not sure about the fan because we cant get the car running right now. I was wondering if only one relay in the ccrm can go bad. If so could we just get a relay and rewire the fuel pump from the fuel pump fuse?
  2. You definately can lose just one relay in the CCRM (it's pretty much just 5 or so relays packaged up in a really expensive way. :D ).

    I think you're on the right track. One thing about wiring up a stand-alone relay (should work like a total charm) is that the new relay will get suscepted to all that heat and might fail - losing the FP relay while making a left turn could really suck.

    But I know that for an unimportant system, I wouldnt hesitate to use a stand-alone relay. It'd be pretty easy to wire up too, splicing into the existing wires at the CCRM if you desired.

    I have a pic saved somewhere of an opened up CCRM if you have a techie friend who fixes that stuff.

    If doing a new relay, I'd get a spare to keep in the glove box, and would try to get a new/used CCRM at some point.

    Random thoughts late at night. Good luck.
  3. ^^JT, mind confirming that that ccrm will work w/ a 94-95 (even though auction says it'll work for a 94-2000, i'd much rather hear it from you). thanks!
  4. he should be able to match the part numbers F6SF-12B577-AA with the ccrm he has on his car..
  5. Paul, Bill's right-on as usual. That part # looks like a winner (it's the primary number on my list). :nice:

    Bill, take no offense to his having asked. Some months back I tore through the circuitry (PCM, EDF relay control, etc etc) chasing a fan issue. During that time, Saleen0679 (wiring guru) helped me find some part number interchanges for CCRMs. Neither of us felt comfy knowing if the numbers were 100% interchangable (some CCRM's will bolt right up, but a couple of the pins go different places, which wont work). I had talked to Paul about it and I think that's why he asked. It certainly was not because of anyone doubting you - you were right on as much as I could have been, and you went the extra mile like you often do, and posted a link. Good man! :nice:
  6. thanks, gents.

    yeah bill, meant no offense--had talked to JT about it before.

    it's also that i'm completely in the dark when it comes to sophisticated details such as this.
  7. no offense taken,i would do the same thing..and have in the past by asking JT questions to verify...always get a second opinion or will save you alot of problems in the future...
  8. well i solved the problem, the plug was just loose on the ccrm. I tightened the bolt down and its working perfect now.
  9. Glad to hear it. :nice:
  10. well it was working, the car died while driving it and the fuel pump isnt working again. im going to follow the power and if its the ccrm ill just try and find one in a jy or something, do any other cars have the same one?
  11. that's what i was asking earlier--which other cars besides ours have a ccrm that can be either directly swapped or swapped w/ maybe a little pin changing
  12. I'd want to stick with the part # Bill posted (or perhaps one that's on your existing CCRM if different). With the variables out there, it's the safe bet and those CCRM's should be plentiful. The wrong pinout could lead to headaches (just getting a proper pinout for another vehicle and cross pinning it would be a real PITA).
  13. cool, guess those of us having ccrm problems should memorize the # and keep our eyes open!

    thanks, bill and jt!
  14. hey man i ran a new seperate power wire from my ccrrm to a fuse that always has constant power. The exact same thing happend to me, thats what fixed mine.
  15. You might want to see if any of the molex connectors are pulled lose in the main connector. That is very common, and you can re-pin a wire in no time. I would solder a new molex on as well as using the crimp tabs. Any decent electronics store should have the right connector, but you need to bring a sample, as there are at least a dozen different ones that I know of.
  16. ok well today we decided since the fan and everything else was working until i had the money we would run the fuel pump on a seperate relay, we hooked up the relay and everythign was working fine, it actually fixed the bad pinging problem the car was having, even enough to bump up timing a few degrees. Then while driving the car died. Its not getting any spark. We checked and the coil is getting power when the key is on. But no spark from the coil. So we went to check if the ground is good and got a spark. Somehow the coil is getting 12 volts to the positive and negative. I am putting a new ccrm in when i can find one or get the money, i was trying to make this a quick temporary fix. Anyone have any ideas on what could cause this?
  17. There should be key-on constant 12 volts. The ground to the coil comes from the TFI - you cant just attach a grounded wire to the neg side of the coil.

    If you have injector pulsing but no spark, the TFI is likely (esp if the engine was hot). If you have neither injector pulsing or spark, the PIP is likely.

    My gut says TFI - parts stores can test it if you desire. And it might start in the morning now that it has cooled off (they fail when they get hot).

    Good luck.
  18. I was looking online for prices on a TFI, and i can only find ones for up to 93 5.0's. I also had a friend stop at autozone and they said they didnt know what it was, is there another name for the TFI? I have never dealt with ignition systems so i dont know much about them.
  19. Try ignition module. Take a looksie at yours so you know what to expect when your friend opens the package.

    Good luck.