ccrm problem?

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  1. It was the ignition module, replaced that, bypassed the the ccrm for fuell pump and the car ran fine. Going to get a new ccrm today. Thanks for the help.
  2. Well the car died again.Drove it all night and the next morning then went to start it again and it wouldnt. The low speed fan wasnt working so i thought it was just the ccrm so it was bypassed. I replaced the ccrm and it still wouldnt do anything.Then i decided to put the old auto computer i had in it. With the old ccrm plugged back in everything worked. Drove the car and got gas then went to lunch and it wouldnt start again. No spark or fuel pump again. I dont understand this car, it works then dies you replace one thing and it works again for a few hours then dies again. When i replaced the computer it worked fine, could somethign be frying the computers? anyone have any ideas becasue i dont have any at all. I also replaced the PIP just in case and it didnt make a difference.
  3. sounds like to me when ya mess with it yer moving the wires and such around so ya mite look for a broken wire internally...
  4. well i have another update, the car started right up this morning, but now the pinging at about any amount of throttle.
  5. So once the car cools down, does it start again? Or do you have to replace parts for it to start again?
  6. well sometimes it takes replaceing some of the stuff we had to and others it just had to sit. Now it is starting up fine, but pinging real bad again. with barely any throttle it is pinging now.
  7. man im watchin closely. im havein the same problem. except my car was pinging only at high rpm. now it wont do anything. im going to try the ccrm tomorrw.
  8. Now the car will just start once in a while and not other times. And it pings all the time now, at even part throttle.
  9. What kind of fuel pressure do you have?

    Good luck.
  10. I've been having the same problems with my 95 GTs. I replaced my fuel pump and filter. I was getting pump codes. They said that I was shorting out at my pump. It's off and on for starting. I replaced it with a 255lph pump. After doing some research, I'm thinking it may be my CCRM or my TFI module. Have you found out anything new about your situation?

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    From what I've read, the fuel pump code can often times be a ghost code, caused by another issue entirely (I'll elaborate in a second). I believe it was post number 18 on page 1 of this thread that HISSIN50 pointed out some likely issues that can be associated with this problem. If you have injector pulsing, but no spark, the TFI is usually suspect. If you have neither injector pulsing, spark, nor the fuel pump priming/running, the PIP is usually the suspect. If the PIP is failing, it may cause a hiccup in the power going to the pump and may trigger the fuel pump code. I'd double check for injector pulsing as that's going to be the most likely determining factor for the issue at hand.
    Damn nice looking car, by the way! :nice: Head up to the talk section and post up some pics and tell us about your mods!
  12. I got the purple car started. I was revving really rough. I was also having a misfire. I pulled my plugs. Plug #5 had some more carbon build up then the other. There was some slight fused deposit spots, but nothing horrible. I'm getting a new TFI module tomorrow and some new NGK plugs. I'm going to gap them at 45 and see how the purple car runs.