CCRM's interchangeable?

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  1. I'm pretty sure i've narrowed down why my A/C doesn't work and i think it's the constant control relay module(CCRM). Last yr it stopped blowing cold on a trip and i forgot about it, then a week or so ago i turned it on for the hell of it and it worked. So I've tested all my switches, low pressure, high pressure, compressor, cycle switch and so far it points to this. I've been doin some research on this thing and have noticed it being kinda common that people replace these, mostly on the Vsixers. So i found a '94 v6 at the junkyard and the CCRM is still intact as far as i could tell, different location ofcourse. Anybody know if this thing will work correctly with my car if i connect it?

  2. As far as I know it will not. CCRM's are very specific to the model/engine combo
  3. I've found part numbers are the same on the Taurus/Sable and Escort/Tracer for my 96.

    Check it out Mike and see if that is true...
  4. So i would have to find a '96-'98 GT for this to work?
  5. Do a search for the part number in a search engine. I've found the same number listed for quite a few cars. I have mine sitting right in front of me since I believe it is causing my overheating issues. Mine is F6SF-12B577-AA...just pluging in that number pulls up a bunch of info on Google.
  6. I will have to check into this the next time I am at work. One other thing I can suggest is ask randy over at m o d u l a r d e p o t. This is a question a parts guy like him could answer better than I can.

    He has his own forum over there

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    Anyways, what do these CCRMs cost? I have heard they are very expensive... Where are they located in the car?

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    now, what's the question, oh yeah CCRM, what year is your car?
  9. The CCRM is located inside the inner fender on the passenger side right near the air filter housing

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    I think his car is a 98 gt 5 speed
  10. I called yesterday locally and they quoted 159. Randy quoted me $120.32 on the site that dare not be mentioned. You can find my post with his quote over there. I'm sure he can get another if needed.
  11. V6 Mustangs use a different CCRM then the V8 cars
    if the car is a 1998 Gt, the Ford part # is F6SZ-12B577-AA and sells for $120.32 as post above
  12. YAY!! I was right about them being different.

    These cars will do some strange stuff if you try and install the wrong CCRM.. Like run the a/c compressor until the freon blows out the pressure relief valve. Or not run the fans and other really bad stuff.
  13. Good thing i didn't get that CCRM and install it, thanks guys you have been a big help.

    Randy, i'll be sure to PM you about it if i ever want A/C badly enough, and have 120 bucks layin around.:rlaugh: