~CCW Classic Renderings~

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  1. Yesterday and today have been a little slow at work so I've been working on a computer model of a CCW Classic which I modeled in Solidworks, then rendered in the new Bunkspeed SHOT. Not sure how many of you are familiar with these programs unless your a designer, but I figured the final product would be appreciated by any of you. Enjoy!


    I WILL own a set of these with Anthracite centers and Mirror Polished lips at some point in my life!!
  2. LOL! I'm sitting in class right now learning how to use Solidworks (all the while surfing Stangnet to find a post with a picture of something modeled in Solidworks). :rlaugh:

    Wheels look awesome!
  3. i thought solidworks was for engineers that want to design moving parts?

    as opposed to 3DSM or Maia for 3D rendering

    fantastic work regardless :nice:
  4. It is very much for engineers. I work in the toy design industry so I design them as a solid part, give the files to the engineers and they core it out and throw in all the guts. It's just a real easy program to use for messing around with stuff like this.
  5. gotcha. pretty cool :nice:
  6. I would love to have a set:hail2:
  7. Noob...get those posters
  8. I would love a set for my car also.
  9. picture doesnt work for me :shrug:
  10. I don't understand. It worked perfect on my work computer, home computer, and mom's computer, but for half the people on SVTP, it doesn't work either. I don't get it. I asked someone to rehost it over there, I'll post the new link once that's done.
  11. They are all on macs:D
  12. Haha, I see the joke, but that shouldn't matter. My computer is an iMac, but my work computer and my mom's computer are both PC's. Go figure, right? Technology these days...