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  1. Just got an 03 Mustang the other day and when I try to load a CD it goes in, and then comes out and says CD ERROR. It has a 6 disc changer, and it seems like there is a CD stuck in there. Is this a common issue? and if so how do I fix it? The system in the car is great, but I really want to listen to DC's and not the radio...
  2. Had a similar issue about 2 months ago. I have the Mach 460 sound system and it locked up while changing from cd to cd. Locked up and wouldn't do anything except throw the CD error code. Never made the time to try and fix it and after about a month, it suddenly decided to start working again.:shrug: Definitely interested in a solution though as I expect it may happen again and, like you, would much rather listen to CDs instead of commercials/radio.:notnice:
  3. a search here or on the net. It's more rare to NOT have a problem. The solution is to get an aftermarket stereo installed.
  4. I have done searches....and nobody has a fix, just buy an after market, which would be fine, but the CD changer/player is so big there are not many options that give a good fit. Also the wiring, I can wire up a stereo no problem, but with the subs and amps there are alot more wires than what a normal after market system would have...Guess I will have to research some after markets and see what I can find.
  5. Well, mine did that once or twice three or four years ago and hasn't done it since. I never had time to deal with it but it always worked the next time I started the car, so who knows.

    Any electronics repair shop should be able to fix it, as I think it's just an issue with the mechanism that moves the discs around.

    You can also replace it with one out of a wreck for ~$150-300 if you want the easy replacement route. There's a ton of them out there. But since you just bought the car, I'd let the prior owner cover that cost.
  6. So I took the advice and replaced the CD player, and wow, the system sounds horrible....after we put the CD player in it sounds like its playing through a tin can. I got a Kenwood CD player, I called Crutchfield and I am sending it back tomorrow and going to try a Pioneer (never had any issues with Pioneer units) and hopefully it will sound better.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I drove about 20 mins and the damn thing gave me a headache, I ended up just turning the music off, thats how bad it sounds. I now have the factory CD player in and it sounds great...Doesnt make any sense to me, unless Kenwood really blows. I have never had one I always bought Pioneer....
  7. From another poster in another really have to play with the settings on the aftermarket head units but it can sound better than stock when you get it dialed in.
  8. You just bought the car. If the stereo that came with it is broke, go back to the seller and demand accomodation. There's no reason to eat the cost of the stereo when you had every reason to think the factory system worked fine.
  9. Are you serious? In what world do you live in where used cars are sold with warranties? Especially cars with stereos that half the people have had problems with.
  10. A world where I buy cars from people that aren't shady. if it's got a problem, I expect to hear about it before I drive away. If I have a problem in the next few days, you can bet your ass I'm coming back looking for satisfaction.

    Why would you NOT go back to the seller when you find a problem immediately after driving away with a car? Unless you are happy being taken advantage of, I mean.

    You have rights as a buyer. Exercise those rights or suck it up and whine to your friends. I'd rather you exercise your rights, as I have no desire to deal with the ******* you let get away with a raw deal.
  11. Wow, I bet you really are a gem in real life.
  12. Buyer: Did you know the CD player didn't work in the car I just bought from you?

    Seller option 1: Nope, it worked fine for me.

    Option 2: Had a few problems with it here and there.

    Option 3: Yeah, I may have forgotten to mention it.

    Option 4: Yep, you didn't ask anything about it before you bought it.

    Option 5: Yep.
  13. I've had the CD ERROR message with the stock head unit before.....there were NO CD's in the changer. Time for a new head unit.
  14. I got a good deal on the car, and he told me the CD player he couldnt get to work, I figured I could mess with it but it was broke. When you buy a used car from a private seller, its as is.

    On a side note I called crutchfield and spoke with their Tech support (last night I dunno who I spoke with, but they just told me to pick a different unit) The guy was really helpful, he said the kenwoods dont have much settings to adjust and he recommend a pioneer that he thought would be better. Whats cool is they ship it out today, and they gave me a label to print to tape to the box when it comes to send my old one back, NO CHARGE! I never had any issues with before but crutchfield handled it really good. I dont think i will ever shop anywhere else for my car audio.
  15. I installed my Kenwood excleon hu in my car and it sounded horrible. The mach 1000 subs sounded great but, the stock midrange/tweeters were getting bass too. So I uninstalled it and put the factory radio back in. I then learned that I needed to set the high pass filter that I never did.

    And about the cd error..If you disconnect the negative from your battery and leave it off for a few minutes then connect it again the changer should go through a test and run through all the slots to see if cd's are in there or not. After mine said cd error I got it to do it and it solved the problem for a while. Or you can just have a friend in the passenger seat kick the side of the dash near the radio and that will help free whatever is stuck in the radio. lol..That has worked many times as well.
  16. I have tried all that, nothing worked. Tkes the CD in, and 2 seconds late spits it out with "CD Error" message. I figured if its that much trouble why not get an aftermarket. and from what I hear almost everyone has this problem, so why fight it :shrug:
  17. I didn't realize he bought it from a private seller, and so I didn't know he bought it as-is. I also didn't know he bought the car knowing the cd player was not working.

    When I've bought from private sellers, I ask a ton of questions, specifically, "is there anything that doesn't work or is broken." I've not had a bad experience so far, but I'm really picky about buying from individuals.

    Every time I've dealt with a dealer, they've stood behind the sale if something turns out to be broken. That's why I suggested he go back to the seller. Of course, I subscribe to the theory that says you aren't buying a car, you're buying a dealer, i.e. judge the seller as much as the car before handing over money.
  18. CD player same issues

    00 GT, I'm going to try unhooking the battery first, i was going to get a used one online but I've been trying to find out about the theft lock and security codes from a dealer and possible reprogramming i thought it would be plug and play or does this need to be done in order for it to play?