CD player broken, Ford blames Flowmaster

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  1. If this is so then the 6X7s should work also. I put a XFM and new speakers in my 93' LX which used the 6X8 but they was out of them so I tryed the 6X7. These work great and I payed 36.00 bux since they was open box that someone returned ;)
  2. there are actually 2 sizes that work, this sounds kinda weird however 6x8 and 5x7 are actually the same size. both fit into the same holes without and special bracket or adapter. as for Pro-Hawk, i was refering to the 94-04 mustangs, as for the fox bodies, im not so sure on those because i dont own one but i think that there are 3.5 speakers in the dash 5.25 speakers in the doors and 6x9 speakers in the rear, but again im not fully sure. i do know though that there is no such size a 6x7

  3. :stupid:
    6x8 in doors 6x8 in rear deck 5x7's are a option.
    You can go up too a 2 inch tweeter in mach 460 tweeter Enclosure

  4. *makes note* "6 X 8's, not 6 X 9's"...thanks guys. :nice: I would have been :mad: if i had already bought the speakers only to find out that they didn't work. Well, I'm STILL working on getting some money together for this project, which is going frustratingly slow. :nonono: Flie, I decided that I AM going to stick with the RF amp and just go one brand all the way around the car (except the Alpine head unit of course.) As you said, you get what you pay for. And since I'm going to be insuring all of my stuff, I might as well do it right the first time. :nice:
  5. UPDATE: Well, I just got all my front speakers replaced with Alpine 5 X 7s today. I have to say, the improvement from the stock speakers is unreal. Now all I need to do is finish up the woofers and I'll be all set. :nice: Thanks to everyone who gave me some advice and comments. You guys rock. :nice:
  6. Good to hear you are happy so far. Just so you know, if you are going with RF subs to match your amp, the subs are going to be very loud, as Fosgate subs are know for incredible SPL.. BUT, as far as SQ(sound quality) on the subs, they aren't going to sound that great. If you just want bass that is real boomy and loud, stick the the Rockfords. If you want them to be clear and maybe just a few dB quieter and still stay with your Alpine/Rockford Fosgate loyalty, look into Alpine type R's. They are still incredibly loud and sound much better than the Fosgates in my opinion. You can get them from IkeSound for $99 a piece. Very cheap for a great sub, and it matches most all the other components in your car.
  7. First off go with an alpine spend the extra money and believe me it money WELL spentbut hey pioneer isn't bad either. also i recomend JL subs. they aren't too much more and they sound so kuch better all around. but you are off to a good start. don't forget about the extra weight though. and about the exhaust walk into all three of the dealers and tell them to suck your chrome tips! :banana:

  8. :lol: :rlaugh: I like that! I like that alot! :D As for spending the extra cash to get the Alpine, the Rockford's are about the same price...they are no slouch when it comes to the quality department. Unfortunately, like an idiot, I went and bought my first woofer as my very first system component. :nonono: So, it's R-F P-2 10's or bust I guess, unless I want to just be out the $100 I spent on the woofer I already have. Flie, I will be going with the Rockford-Fosgate amp for the woofers as you recommended...I'm trying to match everything up really good which is the main reason I went Alpine for the 5 x 7's. As for pioneer, there's no arguing they make quality stuff BUT, and like I've always said, systems are all about personal preference, I just liked the sound of the Alpines better. I can honestly say the Alpines play very clear even at high volumes. I do want alot of bass boom from the woofers anyway, so it's probably a good thing to just keep what I have and go Rockford's there. :flag:
  9. Yeah, I think you will be happy then. I prefer my speakers to be superior in the clarity department, I like to hear every bit of music that is being played and have a very flat response. I prefer the quality of the sound over the loudness, and some people don't even know the difference between the two. They will most likely be deaf soon. But, you will like the deep boom of the rockfords and enjoy every second of them. BTW, are you building your own box?? It saves A LOT of money. I am currently working on a new custom sealed box for my 12" right now, I'm going all out with plexiglass and LED's inside the box too.
  10. Your box sounds like it's gonna be really nice. :nice: I don't have the know how to make my own speaker box unfortunately. :( I'll probably wind up buying one for about $80-$ which I would rather save of course.
  11. I can design a box for you if you send me the specifications you need, and if you have any friends that know how to cut wood and glue it and screw it together then you can save a lot of money. But basically it's simple. For a 1 cubic foot enclosure you make the internal dimensions of the box 12"x12"x12", and that's all there is to it. I like to do my own stuff, I am very independent, and would much rather install/build everything myself. I'm also making an amp rack that will be vertical on the side of my trunk and I will mount my amp and my capacitor to it, hopefully saving space and looking good at the same time. Once I'm done with everything (may be quite some time as I just bought 4 new Continentals) I will post pictures for everyone to see how simple it really can be.

  12. Cool....I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. :nice: