CD player jammed

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  1. Hi everyone, my 6-CD changer from a 2003 mustang gt got jammed today. I tried to eject one CD, then unit got locked up, it says"CD ERROR" and now it won't do anything.
  2. LOL, you have had nothing but problems.:eek: This one though, is the most common problem of all. Mine does the same thing. DO NOT TRY AND EJECT THE CD'S!!!! Just be happy with the ones you have in it. Try playing a cd and bang on the front of the stereo while it's moving to the disc. It may or may not work. You may need to do so repeatedly until you change out the stereo.
  3. Assuming this is a Mach 500 or Mach 1000 double DIN radio.

    Sometimes lightly tapping on the front face will help. Different ppl report sucess hitting different locations.

    Sometimes it helps to disconnect all power to the radio. Disconnect the battery neg or remove the fuses (your choice). After the power is resorted, it will go through a full restart procedure that sometimes works.

    Otherwise the radio will have to be removed. Once the front face is removed, the CD's can be seen.

    The time it happened to me there was a CD stuck halfway in/out. I pressed it back in, put the unit back together, and it worked!

    There did not seam to be a reasonable way to easily manually remove the CD's. At least without tearing down more of the radio.

    Good luck.
  4. This happened to me. The trays that hold each individual disk sometimes go off track and jam. If you have a set of allen wrenches you could open up the radio and put the trays back where they need to go. It's was pretty straight forward to me. I don't know if anyone has written how to do this though. Also, I'd suggest this as a temporary fix while you save up for a new will jam on you again in the future.
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone....I just banged the cd player softly and the cds came out
  6. +1
  7. Its gonna happen again, replace it if you don't have any other repairs that need attention, its not a must to have a working c.d. player!
  8. You can also try to eject the cd again and at the same time slide another disc in the opening a little. The stuck disc should go ahead and come on out. Works for me nearly every time it does that.

  9. +1 This also works well.

    I have had to do the same thing with the Mach 460 in the '01...seems to only happen in warm/hot weather. A little "bump" with the edge of another CD (or a credit card) and the stuck CD will eject. :nice:
  10. Common problem, obviously...had it happen to me too. I got so sick of it that I replaced the unit with a Kenwood...first the DDX-512, now have the DNX-6140 in it. Love it...nav, Bluetooth, USB all built in to the unit.
  11. use a steak knife start stick it in half way the cd's will come right out cd's are toast but you
    saved the head unit it happened to me like 4 times it works every time

    just don't go crazy with the knife like "OJ"
  12. BTW make sure to disconnect the battery
  13. I've done this before and it works. I also have a small piece of card board that I keep in the car. I push the eject button while pushing the card board into the cd player. Works great. Pearl.
  14. Tried the CD half in while ejecting method today and I got 5 of the 6 out. D/C'd the ground on the battery and now it shows that there is no cd's in it at all. Won't let me do anything cd wise. I'm finally gonna break down and get a new head unit for the car and one for the truck too. Farck them cd's...I'm going all MP3 all the time.:cool:
  15. Just out of curiosity how long did you unhook the battery ?
  16. A couple minutes. It didn't even reset the radio clock. Maybe that was the problem huh?