CD player won't play burned CD???

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows why some burned cd's won't play in my stock 2000gt cd player(Mach 460). I have one that does, but I went and tried playing a burned one off of napster and it wouldn't work. Just kept spitting it out. Thanks in advance.

  2. I had the mach460 in my 2000 and 2002 GT and both CD players played my burned CD's....your probably not creating the CD in the correct format. You can't leave the songs in MP3 format and the CD brand might be in question. I use Memorex with no problem. :nice:
  3. it probably isnt reading the format of the songs on the disc..
    what are you burning on the discs? wav's or mp3s?
  4. Try burning your discs at a slower speed. I have an older Aiwa 3-disc player in my garage that thinks the discs are bad unless you burn them at a slow speed like 2x. I had an older Pioneer headunit in a car that would do the same thing.
  5. I am not sure if they are WAV's or MP3's. How would I be able to tell on Napster. I just type the title in and purchase it, then burn it. Not sure which type it is. Also what is the problem I hear about putting cd's with labels on them in the player? I also burned this cd at 4X speed. I guess I'll try a slower speed and see what happens.
  6. Also the CD-RW's I am using are made by TDK. It says for Digital Audio Recorders. Are these the wrong kind?
  7. never use labels, also if ur burning them directly from napster they prolly won't work since they are in mp3 format i believe, plus ive read some that napster mp3's when burned won't play in n e car or home audio cd player :dunno:
  8. Yea you probably have them as mp3' brother has a cd player in his car that plays mp3's and it's pretty cool because you can put about 6 or 7 albums on 1 disk, more if you lower the bit rate quality of the mp3's..
  9. a couple things:
    don't use cd rws....just use cdr's...
    try some different brands...some brands work better than others
    burn at a slower speed...
    burn them in wav format...tell me what program you are using to burn, and I can help you out on it...after you burn it, put it back in your computer, click on my computer, go to the drive where the disk is, and single click any of the songs (or right click and go to properties), if the file size is like 30k, it is in wav format (yes, wav if 30k, because the computer will only read the icon size, I realize wav files are like 50 megs!), or if it is like 3 or 4 megs, it is in mp3 format...which will not play unless you have an mp3 player in your car...

    another way to tell is how many songs you can fit on a disk...if it is under 20, they are in wav format, if it is a lot more...they are mp3 format...

    songs from online sites will work...if they are in wav format...just listen to the WHOLE song first...lots of them have messed up music towards the end so it sounds like garbage on your radio, etc...

    if the songs are in wav format and it is not working, try one of the first suggestions...then it WILL work...

    email me with any q's...
  10. just download kazaa lite to download your music, save yourself some money and rest assured that you can choose the quality of the music you download. BTW, those files you're downloading are mp3's. if they were wav files, they would take forever to download.

    also, what are you using to burn the music? Nero? Adaptec? I'm using nero and select the "track at once" instead of "disk at once" option so the burner burns each track individually. i've heard that solves cd player problems.

    there are many things that could be going wrong. oh i almost forgot. make sure you're not burning on to a cdRW disk. only cdR. very few cd players recognize rewritable disks.

    or you could just invest in an mp3 player :D I just put a new panasonic unit in mine to replace my kenwood mp3 player and these things rock. 200 songs per disk!!!11oneoneone
  11. Finally got it to work. Had to go and buy the CD-R, not the CD-RW, and it played fine off of Napster. Thanks for the info. Maybe I will still upgrade my stereo with something better.
  12. Yeah, your problem is using the CD-RW's, they don't finalize the disc correctly for use in home stereos and car stereos (although some new units can play CD-RWs). Just stick to CD-R's from now on and you'll be fine.
  13. The 460 player can't even see CD-RW. Its a completely different kind of disk. Almost all newer aftermarket decks are CD-RW compatible.
  14. Well, if we didn't spend so much money on our horses, we could afford the REAL cd's..... :rlaugh:
  15. I have the same prob with my stock 98 Cobra CD player....I tried cdr and cdrw, all burnt in wav format, and all work in the wifes mercedes....Maybe the 98 cd player is not made for cdr's????????? Can anyone else play burnt cd's with the 98 stock deck?????
  16. My player can't read CD-RW's. Only CD-R's. It pisses me off.
  17. trying using a good CD-R like maxell or kodak...
  18. Just Replace It

    Hey folks....

    Here are two posts I did about the Mach 460, check them out!

    First post about Crappy Mach 460 Headunit

    Post after install of NEW headunit

    You can use Winamp to convert the Mp3's to .wav files and burn them to a CD-R. I have tried several brands of CD-R's and used differant speeds of burning from 4x up to 52x. Neither of them worked well. Replace the unit if you don't want to have this issue. The second link I did gives you a part number and some pix of the finished product.