cd player won't play burned songs past song 11

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  1. I have a 03 gt with the mach 460 and 6 disc in dash changer. When I burn cd's now it won't play songs past song 11. song 12 on up just sit there and won't play. I use memorex cd's and have tried them in other cd players and they play all the songs. What the hell.

  2. My aftermarket cd player does the same thing. I think it might have something to do with copy protection on some songs. But I don't know why it is always 11 or 12.
  3. My mach 460 won't play past 14. :shrug: I have had other cars (not mustangs) play past 9 but go to a letter instead of a number and you cannot flip through songs above 9 :mad: .. go figure. Obviously a corner got cut somewhere.
  4. Thats strange? I have a 2000GT and it plays burned songs all the way to 22. I burn them at 4x's if that make sense. My brother recommended that.
  5. Hell, my 96 GT plays as many songs as I have on the disc. I Burn mine at 48x and it works fine on all 3 of my ford cars.
  6. when a cd is burned it starts writing in the middle of the disc, as it moves out to the edges the spead at which it burns increases... the disc is moving at a costant spead but it covers more area as it moves outward on the disc... your cd player might be having a problem reading the disc at about track 12 because it was written faster at that point (your burner might not be burning this disc so well at that speed)...

    i've never had this problem, or heard of it... but try burning your discs at half the speed you normally do, and try playing it in your cd player... try other brands of cd-r too...

  7. Yeah, I'd guess it is the CDR - not the player.

  8. Try burning your CDs at 8x and use DAO instead of track at once.
  9. 2000 stang - no problems here. mine will play whatever i put in it. i hate when you take all that time finding the songs you want and finally get it burnt, and it doesn't play in your cd player... :bang:
  10. I had a nice reply all ready to go when I looked down and saw rwb had allready beaten me to it ;)

    What he said.

    Slower burnrate, clean the lense in your HU, perhaps try a higher quality disc?

    I had an aftermarket clarion HU that would do this as it got near the end of its lifespan. A temp fix was to clean it about every week or so up until the thing died. [It was an el-cheapo HU and i had it for over 5 years. It was its time to go ;) ]
  11. Don't the 03's have MP3 format capability ?

    Did you try to burn it as data(MP3) ?

    I'd be disappointed if it didn't go up to song 140. :bang:
  12. yeah that's odd. I don't have any problems with the stock MP3 in My car(150-170 songs per disk) Got to love it

  13. 03's did have MP3 option on them
  14. I have the identical Mach 460 6-CD unit in my '03, and have burned (and successfully played) discs with up to 27 tracks. I have a 2-year-old Sony 12X burner, use Roxio Easy CD Creator V5, and blank disks so cheap they are sold by the pound. I only use disks with a blue or blue-green writing surface.

    When burning a compilation from original CDs, I always create an image file first, then burn from that at 12X.
  15. Sounds like:

    Buffer underrun - means that at track 12 your the computer couldn't keep up with the burner

    The only time the CD's won't play past a certain track is when this occurs or a scratch. Try burning at a slower speed. I'd say if you have the feature (like NERO), "determine max speed" use it. Otherwise go with 4x-8x write speeds.
  16. :stupid: try burning at a slower speed. I have mach 460 in my 03 GT and it plays burned cd's perfect.
  17. My car did that when I burned disc at the max speed I could burn.. I went down to 8x and everything works perfect. I had a cd in today with 23 tracks and it did just fine :nice:
  18. :stupid:

    Always use DAO when possible.
  19. DAO = Disk at "closes" the cd.
  20. True, no further writing is possible after using DAO, but you can still close the CD using TAO. DAO is referring to the actual burn process, the fact that is closes the CD is because it is writes multiple tracks/sessions all in one shot.