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  1. can you guys please post some pics of your aftermarket cd players. i can't make my mind up as to what i want. any suggestions. :nice:
  2. ive allways had good luck with pioneer.
  3. I love my Alpine. They make several models that look similar but differ in internal versus external amps and a few other features. The faceplate is large and easy to read and at the push of a button it folds down so you slide the CD in behind it.

    I suggest you get an MP3 capable unit. Because of the compressed format, I have 12 albums on a single CD. I don't need the 6 CD changer.

  4. Mines the Pioneer DEH-P6300. The new mosel that is out which took it's place is the 6500.
    It's been really dependable and has tons of good features like XM ready (had XM for a while :nice: ), the graphic display, and subwoofer controlls.
  5. I've got a Sony of the decks Sony made before they started putting out crap...

    I love it..all digital through a 210EQ, no internal amp, no fancy display, just great sound in a simple package

    BTW, this isn't my pic...just grabbed it off ebay:
  6. Pioneer has always been a favorite of mine....stay away from Sony, they call them "explode" for a reason
  7. :lol: :lol: So True :lol: :lol:
  8. Alpine is the way to go... period
  9. True, unless you can find a c90 or c910. But like I said, those were made before they came out with all that Xplod crap.

    I did have good luck with a Pioneer though. Had the Premier 840MP, until it was was a nice HU.

    My only complaint with Alpines is that I personally find almost all of them really ugly. Otherwise, they are quality HUs as well.
  10. Alpine makes nice dvd units with the small LCD's. Not a big fan of their CD players though, they look has the best looking HU's, and they are really reliable. the ONLY problem i had with my unit is that it was part of a production batch that used a faultly plastic on the volume button...the oils from your skin eventually corrode the material and leave holes in it... :puke:
  11. If your going for looks, get what you want... If you want good sound ... well then go with alpine...
  12. Mines the Pioneer DEH-P6500! LOVE it!! look on Ebay for great deals!!!
  13. The digital playback is the same for most units, you couldnt tell the difference.
    go for the looks, get a pioneer and like he said, go to ebay for a nice selection of (mostly) stolen $hit
  14. I love my Alpine 7995

  15. I love my alpine too:) i have one very similar to yours. (i have the same works on some of my friends alpine CD players!) :D
  16. I have a Pioneer DEHP 8500 and it is the S***. I have always used Pioneer and have always been good with it. I like my XM on it too.