CDC Flashback Ford Mustang Enters with a Boom

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  1. Nostalgia. What a feeling. Despite what you hear about living in the past, so many of us find comfort in the things once enjoyed. Well, for the young-at-heart, we?ve got something you?d like to see. Classic Design Concepts ( (CDC) realizes that one of America?s largest generations, the Baby Boomers, loves to enjoy the things they?ve worked hard for all their lives. Their solution to the enjoyment equation is the throwback 1967 Flashback Ford Mustang. Check out the incredible images and the full Press Release inside! View attachment 353759 </img> View attachment 353761 </img> View attachment 353763 </img> View attachment 353765 </img> View attachment 353767 </img> View attachment 353770 </img>

  2. Why stick a bright red switch in the middle of that beautiful interior? Oh well...
  3. restriction of airflow with that intake tube. It's got to be worth 30hp alone over the stocker! :eek: