CDC Honors America's Military

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  1. Hi everyone!

    With the upcoming July 4th holiday fast approaching, we thought we'd share our deep appreciation for all of the service men and women protecting our great country. For years we've always tried to accomodate service members whenever possible, but now we're making it official!

    Beginning July 4th 2009, Classic Design Concepts will be offering a 10% discount on nearly every CDC product for all active military service men and women. The best thing is... this is NOT a limited-time offer! We will be running this discount indefinitely!

    We're still working out some of the details regarding shipping and APO addresses, so some minor restrictions may apply. But, please feel free to call and ask our sales staff for details at 866.624.7997, or visit us at: Classic Design Concepts - Home


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  2. Wow, you guys are awesome for doing this! :flag:
  3. Sounds awesome. Is there any way to possibly extend that to Guard and Reserve Military? They do a lot to help out us Active Duty Folks.
  4. Any love for former military?
  5. Hi everyone! :flag:

    I hope everyone had a wonderful July4th holiday! I'm still getting caught up after being out of town, so I apologize for the delay in getting back in here.

    This program has received a LOT of positive response, which we appreciate VERY much. It's the least we can do to honor those serving our country. To answer your questions:

    -Yes, we will definitely extend the 10% to include the Guard and Reserve!

    -Yes, we will extend a discount to Retired service personnel, but I have only been authorized to discount 5%... but something is better than nothing, right?

    So this doesn't get out of control and everyone call us claiming to be military, we do ask that you help us with some verification of your service. It is unfortunate that some people will try to take advantage of an honest program like this, but it does happen.

    Thank you once again to all of the service men and women!
  6. :flag: Thank you CDC for honoring those that serve us in more ways than we know and allow us to have the freedom we do, but above all...
    :flag: Thank you for all those that are in the Armed Forces, Guard, Reserve and Coast! Without your service and dedication, well I don't know where we would be...
  7. You guys rock. :nice: Way to take care of the total force. As far as military verification goes just have them email or fax you a copy of their ID card. That way you will see if they are guard/reserve/active duty/ or retired.