CDT CL-61s or DEI Vipers?

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  1. I'm having trouble w/ choosing components for my 96gt. I'm either going w/ 6.5" CDTs or 5.25" DEIs (cause the 6.75" won't fit). Any one have any suggestions which one you think is better? I'm looking for the best SQ, SPL i could really care less about because i'm just looking for a natural sound. I listen to classic rock like Zeppelin, AC/DC, if that helps at all.
    Also for amps i'm thinking of going with the Rockford Fosgate Punch 401s that way i'll be sending my components a good 100w RMS each.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have CDT HDs and they sound AMAZING. They are probably the best sounding components I've heard. The tweeter isn't to harsh, has more of a warm sound to it I guess. They also put out a decent amount of mid-bass.
    You just have to hear them... I love em :nice:
  3. What would be the difference between the HDs and the Classics other than the price? Does anyone know how the DEIs compare to these?
  4. I've never heard the DEI's but have the classics in my car and love them....
  5. If you wait a little bit I'll be able to give you a comparison. My g/f is buying a set for her car after being so jealous of my stereo :nice:
  6. You'll be happy with either. I run the classics and they sound great. The HD's give more midbass than the classics. I haven't heard the DEI's, but from a member on, they killed the classics he had before. I'd get these, but you won't go wrong with the classics, either.
  7. Will I notice that much of a difference (if i get the vipers) between their 5.25" driver and that of the cdts with a 6.5" woofer, SQ wise?

    Also, what about powering it with a US Acoustics 100x2 RMS amp?
  8. I don't know because I haven't heard the DEI's. I'd recommend either speaker. The CDT's are a great buy, also, and will sound great with the amp you mentioned.
  9. Thanks for the links, i've been looking around caraudioforum for a few weeks and i've all but decided to go w/ the vipers, they seem to be better for the type of music i like (at least that's what i've been reading). Anyone else have any comments before I make my final decision?

    --All i need to find now is the money :)
  10. in case you don't know, I think the DEIs are still on sale at