Cel After Frpp Intake Installed

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  1. So I finally got the ford racing intake installed. Looks absolutely sick. Didnt get to have much fun after the install raining like crazy. But I uploaded the new bama tune fired right up. Drove for about an hour and half parked it. Got back in drove for another hour and half and got code p0430 something with cats and bank 2. I have kooks longtubes with catted x pipe. Im wondering if bama forgot to adjust something im the new tune. Any suggestion guys? Thanks for the help.

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  2. First, check for exhaust leaks. Second, I can't remember if the connectors are specific to each bank, but swap the downstream O2 sensors if possible. If the code changes to reflect a bad sensor in bank 1, your problem is simply a bad O2 sensor. If it remain in bank 2, it's a poorly performing catalytic converter. Also, check the terminals in the connectors for corrosion, moisture and debris. You can check with the tuner, but if it was a problem with the tune it would affect both exhaust banks.
  3. Interesting ill check that out if the rain lets up. But car seems to drive fine only thing I noticed was start up after going to a movie tonight. Car started up idled for a second went down to 1000 rpm back to 2000 rpm then settled around 1500 and sounded fine. Other then that drove fine.
  4. Faulty downstream O2 sensors or catalytic converters only affect emissions. It's the upstream sensors that affect engine operation.
  5. Alright. Thanks for the help and the quick response man.
  6. Sure thing. Let me know what happens.
  7. I called bama and was talking about the issue and he looked into the tunes I had wrote. They didnt turn off the rear o2 sensor. He said thats prolly the reason behind the light. I have new tunes on the way. Will see if this fixes it?
  8. Just that sensor or both downstream sensors? I have an '06 automatic with Kooks, catalytic converters, FRPP intake/throttle body, and even camshafts and never had an issue. The Kooks catalytic converters are just good enough to pass a smog test and shouldn't trigger a CEL. Hopefully the new tune works for you.
  9. Yeah I dont know if it will. I never had an issue with it before the intake so thats the only reason why I think it could be the tune. It threw code p0430. Hey do you have a dyno tune or canned tune?
  10. sounds like a vacuum leak somewhere, too coincidental with intake install or a tune problem. Was your intake totally stock before because the tune might be a bit off due to lack of CMRC deletes on the FRPP unit.
  11. It's a canned tune from Brenspeed for about another month until I'm in the area of their shop.
  12. Sparta. Theres a sheet were I have to fill out to get my new tunes. Im sure you know this. I clicked yes for cmcv deletes then wrote in comment that I was installing the frpp high rise intake manifold. And called and double checked with bama and they said they will take care of it. Tim jimmy. How do you like brenspeed? Have you ever used bama before?
  13. Brenspeed is awesome. Their prices are usually a little more reasonable, their tech support is amazing, and many of their best products are kits the assemble and test in house. I've never had an issue with their tune, and they even offer installation and dyno tuning at their two locations. I have absolutely no complaints.
  14. No, I've never used Bama.
  15. Ive thought about trying brenspeed but thats money I could use to get a dyno tune this coming winter. Ill see if the new tune helps and let you guys know. Thanks for all the help