Cel On And Inspection Due - Help!!

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  1. Hey guys, posted on the tech board about a week ago but didn't get much feedback. Have been in communication with 2 techs at Bama but none of their suggestions are working. Here is what I have.

    I am in Dallas Texas so my inspection will consist of the basic safety checks and the OBD port test. They do not do visual inspection (under the hood or under the car) unless they are suspicious. I have a 2008 GT with LT's and off-road H (no kitty's). My front o2 sensors are screwed into the collectors on the headers and my rear o2's are screwed into the bungs in the H-pipe. Also have o2 sensor spacers on the rear o2's. I was running the 93 Race tune but Bama sent me a new one to try. It's an 89 tune. Not sure if it's Race, Performance or Street. Didn't specify in the email. I installed the tune and the light stayed off a couple of days, then came back on. (P-0153 and P-0430) This is when Bama told me I had to have o2 sensor spacers on the car. So I ordered and installed those, drove for 3 days and the CEL is back on again. Someone on Stangnet also told me I would need to step down my tune from Race to Street or Performance before trying to get the car inspected.

    Basically, I'm trying to figure out what I am missing. I thought with a tune, and all o2 sensors hooked up (with spacers on the rears to pull them out of the exhaust stream), that your CEL would not come on and you could pass inspection. What's different about my car? Possibly a bad o2 sensor?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me!
  2. Sometimes happens to my personal car, and tun into couple customers with LT's. Happens mostly with email tunes, but experienced with dyno tunes too..... Most of the time the CEL comes on if the vehicle is not warmed up properly before driving. The O2's with most LT's have been relocated or moved further down the exhaust so the O2's do not get to proper operating temp in the pre determined time before vehicle exits cold idle circuit and starting to be driven. Think back and see if that may be the case, that you started driving without a good long warm up time.
  3. Bama sent me a new tune designed for emissions. On my second day of driving with no CEL on so hoping this one works.