Center console possibilities?

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  1. Well I have a good center console from an SHO Taurus that I believe can be put in the 72 Mach w/ ease. Already even black. But it has a floor e-brake, and i plan on using a handbrake. Do you think it would be that possible to graft a 94-2004 console into a 71-73?
  2. 94-2003 taurus console? So is this the console you were thinking of?


    Well anything's possible. Have you taken measurements of the console and the area etc between the seats in the car? DO you have any fiberglass experiance?
  3. I've done quite a bit of research on adapting late-model consoles into a classic, and the SHO is a great choice. Its actually the model I'd like to adapt to mine, but one of the reasons is because its one of the few newer consoles that doesn't have provisions for an e-brake. If I were going with a tunnel-mounted brake, I would think your selection would be greater for late-model consoles. I wouldn't necessarily do a late-model
    Mustang console though, as it has a very distinctive look, and flows into the radio/HVAC stack, and wouldn't look right just ending at a classic dash.

    Here are the SHO consoles. 1 is from an early SHO (89-91) and one from a later SHO (92-96ish?).

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  4. that is the exact console I can get. I think i'll get it and if anything put it in the Grande. I figured for a late model stang console try to work w/ some fiberglass and have it mold into the classic dash b/c it might be pulled off vs. the earlier stangs. I'd say though 69-70 would pull it off the best.
  5. Blake and TSW - Please let me know how it turns out, I've been trying to come up with a nice modern console as well. Those Taurus consoles look like they will work pretty easily. Where did you find those consoles?

  6. The pics I got from old ebay searches. The thing is, my search is specific to the SHO as it is the only Taurus that came with a manual transmission. Even though, for now, I have a C4, I think a manual console would work best.
  7. Local junkyard just got a SHO taurus in. I'm in debate. I may get if for that '73 coupe that i'm gettin with the '72 Mach but i need a different for the Mach due to my handbrake.
  8. Any updates on consoles?
  9. Still Hangin' loose myself, but the wather is much more condusive to bone-yard exploration, so I may do something soon.
  10. Yea my progress is at a standstill too right now. I should already be working on the Mach 1 but my friends failure to stop his jeep resulted in a nice delay. :bang:
  11. Anything to report? Is anyone else coming up with any good center console ideas?

  12. What about the fourth gen F-body consoles? I've seen a couple Mustangs with those and they look good. And they have the provision for the e-brake.
  13. Are these for arm resting purposes or for modern looks with cup holders? I built one for my car and covered it black. It looks, fits, and sounds great. It put an 8" rear firing sub in it.
  14. Pics man, PICS!