Ceramic brake pads -vs- Organic brake pads... any benefit

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  1. Ceramic brake pads -vs- Organic brake pads... is there any benefit. The Wearever Silvers are like $20 and the ceramic brake pads are about twice as much. Is there any real advantage? What kind of brake pads do you suggest if you have changed them and been really happy with your new ones ?

  2. Ceramic pads = usually pretty long life, WAY lest dust, better braking power, and less fading than organic.

    Organic = Cheap.

    If it were me i would just go for the ceramic, im taking these ****ty stock ford pads off asap, ceramic is just better imo, plus brakes are an area that you dont want to cheap out on, you get what you pay for, and stopping is just a tad bit important.
  3. I just read an article about this very subject in some magazine but apparently threw it away :fuss: .Brake pads are made to work with certain rotor materials.I don't know which go together but look into this before you buy.You could end up with incompatible pad-rotor combinations.This could cost braking power or cause excessive wear of pads or rotors.(I do remember what the article said about that)
  4. those ceramic pads will destroy your stock rotors before you even stop (being sarcastic, but it will happen quicker)
  5. Brake rotors are made from cast iron, beside the ceramic rotors on the Porsche Carrera GT, what other rotor material are you talking about?

    Your car is originally equipped with ceramic pads from the factory.

    Ceramics are rotor friendly, unlike some semi metallic.

    I would continue using the ceramic pads.
  6. When I used ceramic's, they warped my rotors in 6 months. Now I'm using new rotors with motorcraft pads.

    The ceramic did stop better though.
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    :rolleyes: Only if you want rotor destruction. What did you do read a Porsche GT2 article??
  8. at my work, the ebc organics are the most expensive, ranging from $80-$130
    the hawk ceramics come in second
    raybestos quiet stop ceramic in third
    and the semi metalics in fourth
    you say the organics are cheap, im not sure that i follow:shrug:
  9. i use hawk ceramic and no problems here

    driving habits play the biggest role in warping your rotors
  10. Didn't we go through a gigantic thread about this? Like yesterday?
  11. dunno but this IS from aug
  12. Ceramic has a higher heat tolerance, leading to reduced fade under extreme usage.
    Assuming we are talking about the '98 mentioned in your sig and its probable mileage, I recommend an upgrade to the rotors before going ceramic.
  13. blah blah, ceramic should never be used on stock rotors because they cause more heat than any other, they shouldn't even be an option when changing the pads, if you want to use a ceramic pad then upgrade your whole system
  14. That is what I said....:(

    They cause more heat, but can better tolerate it in function.
  15. Rotors do not warp. It's pad wear that transferred onto the rotor unevenly.

    (using my new found knowledge even in the autofiled..lol)

    I have raybestos ceramics(got them at work) on the rear and a Hawk set ready to go on the car now with brembo rotors.