Cervini Eleanor

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  1. Send it to SVT Team... Please! :D
  2. You guys may think it looks good now , but wait..

    The kit will cost $2,000- easy

    All new bumper, Headlights area- "it's open now"

    I don't see them selling them cheap.. like fox or 94+ body kits

    That front just likes like a Steeda/saleen knock off..
    doesn't look like True Eleanor to me.

    Front grill opening just looks Out of place.. redesign
  3. Yeah but I think Randy Savage probably made more money in his career than most prize fighters. :D
  4. I just noticed this (im retarded :D) but that pic shoulda had black stripes to really match eleanor!
    Just my opinion though! :nice:
  5. I'm not sure that the headlight area being open is a good thing. Last I heard someone found out that the open area on the originals. Had so much wind resistance. That it cost them speed. So some have put covers over them to reduce this effect.
  6. Yeah, I said that about the stripes on the 5th post and awkforty7 posted a modifyed picture of it with black stripes on the 20th. Try reading the thread before posting on it :nice:
  7. that kit would be the only reason i would get the 05. it looks bad assed :eek:
  8. So did Liberace and Elton John.... so what's you're point??? ;)
  9. i love that bodykit thats what i want to get when i get my new stang i think it would look pretty good if it had a mach1 ram air hood or a cobra r hood. ive been waiting a long time to see a good pic of the 05 that would look like eleanor
  10. Holy COW!

    That body kit just made me change my mind on the color i Ordered. I called my dealer and told him to change my color from Sonic blue to to the gey metallic, once the kit is on, then the black stripes.
  11. That I'd rather be Randy Savage then someone getting his head beat in for less money. :D I don't need respect. I can earn it if I choose.
  12. Its just a sketch, but it still will probally have to many curves for me,
    give me some lowering springs, some light weight 18" wheels, and a shop that can paint or place stripes, and im full...........................
    with the exterior anyway
  13. I think that's a sweet looking ride.....but Eleanor is too cliche for a Mustang.
  14. that is soooo sexy, though im not sure I like the sidepipes on it, an I love sidepipes in general...
  15. Looks a million times better than the stock GT!
  16. Gey Metallic

    Gey metallic, I think someone has been listening to too much liberace and elton John. LOL :)
  17. Yep, order up the an '05 in Gey metallic, install the "Eleanor" kit, drop some fuzzy dice over the mirror, and find a pair of super-sized circa 1975 Ray-Ban sunglasses and a pair of tight polyester slacks, and you're ready to cruise for Chucks-errr-I mean chicks.... :p
  18. Its just a drawing!

    The picture looks cool but the real thing may not have the same effect. Also the drawing makes alot of assumptions.

    For instance, side exhaust may be difficult to actuially implement due to the fact that the 05 stang's mufflers are behine the rear axle, not in front of it. Is there roome for mufflers in front, we'll see.

    Also, I doubt we'll ever see a streetable 05 lowered that much. That would be a serious kit to not screw up the front suspension's geometry.
  19. damnummmm that is sweet :jaw:
  20. Looks to me like the only dummy scoops in that picture are behind the door windows. The lower ones in the front airdam and the ones in front of the rear wheels COULD conceivably be functional (and very useful) brake-cooling ducts.