Cervini Eleanor

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  1. Bah, best version of "eleanor" with the '05 is the chops by Vyto.

  2. Those bumpers (excluding the fogs) look like they should have belonged on the roush :mad:
  3. :drool: :nice:
    Now that's sweet! I'd take one of those any day. Hopefully with 18" front and 19" rear wheels.

    Planning on getting the GT once the 18" wheels are available
  4. Doesn't anybody prefer the round turn signals found in the final S197 concept to those awkward little orange slits?

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  5. Not particularly.
  6. O.K., I've got a joke... Here goes....

    How many Polish light bulbs does it take to light up the road ahead of you???


    Get it?, anybody?? Is this thing on??? I said, ELEANOR!!!!! :shrug: Man, tough crowd.......
  7. If you saw how the original eleanor was set up, the side exits actually came back from the muffler.. the pipe went to the muffler, then came back out on the same end and out to the sides.

    I think it looks sick. if it really comes out anything like that, i'll be trading in for sure.
  8. HELL of a lot better than Ford's design. Except the trash on the hood and side exhaust has gotta go.

    I like the pics on this page even better. Round turn signals > slits

    Only thing better is the original concept...
  9. I think it looks pretty sweet. :) And keep in mind, you don't have to buy the entire kit if there's a certain part of it you dislike.
  10. i love shelbys so much!!! this ones awesome though!! nicole
  11. Wow! That's cool! I want one.
  12. The pictures on the second page of this thread are :jaw: :drool: Thank you for making my morning :cheers:
  13. Wow that's ****ing amazing.

    Only one problem now....

    Every Dick, Tom and Harry will have one because it is a kit. :(