Cervini's Heat Extractor Hood Pictures

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  1. I couldnt find any pictures before I bought the hood, so here are some for anyone that's interested in the buying the hood. No gap between the bumper and hood. Quality is great and it fits great too. Just had to adjust the hood stops down a bit.

  2. That looks awesome. So much cleaner without the gap.

    You by chance have any more pictures with the Drifts on the car? Awesome choice.
  3. Yes I do, I just need to find them on my photobucket.
  4. Drool.

    If it wasn't so much and the hood I bought wasn't already painted my color I would have been all over that sucker.
  5. These are all I have right now.

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  6. Damn looks good. About time someone took some proper pictures. I was going to get this hood for my GT but now that I'm picking up a built 03 Mach 1 tomorrow...not much point

    Edit: You should post one of these up on the american muscle and latemodelrestoration heat extractor hood pages so others can see the sexiness of it. It sucks when you go there and all there are are super close-ups that don't give you any perspective on how the hood looks.
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  7. Looks great man! :nice: