Fox Cfi To Carb Help

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  1. OK so after talking to a couple people on here I realized my best bet would be to convert my 83 Thunderbird CFI to carb besides intake n carb what else would I need. I never had a carbureted car or cfi n will I have issues daily driving this any help would be much appreciated I'm trying to get my car running right that's setup In my tbird is a 92 5.0 ho swap with the old 83 intake and CFI setup as well as the stock 83 computer n aod trans smb please I believe my car is putting n studdering when I drive is from the computer not reading the ho motor correctly of was a original v8so but not the ho thats in there now n I can't diagnose this thing at all this is the only thing I van think of that could be wrong with it is that old computer with the CFI junk any help please
  2. I now my way around cars wells civics I had couple turbo ones this my first ford n n I can't figure out anything n everything is completely different
  3. Reading this gave me a headache. Punctuation?

    Look into converting to EFI if you want to make it reliable for daily driving.
  4. I'm still wondering why the word "and" required too much effort to completely spell out.
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  5. Lmao sorry guys I wrote this at 330am
  6. Its to much work to convert to a better fuel system I would need to change complete harness engine; dash,computer and I guess the fuel pump
  7. Not much is known about that CFI setup in the Mustang community other than it was junk. It was only available in the Mustang for one year, 1985, and it was an option that few cars came with. I had a friend in high school who had one, and he converted it to a carb almost immediately. I'm not even sure he changed the intake; just pulled the CFI throttle body off, and dropped a carb on it. I honestly don't remember where the fuel pump was for it, how much pressure it ran or anything. I agree that you are much better off with a carb. I also don't even remember if it had electronic controlled ignition timing, that is to say if the computer was connected to the ignition system at all, or if it was just a mechanical distributor. I do know that the conversion to carb was relatively simple. I think a full conversion to a Ford port injection system might be a little involved for what you are looking to get out of the car, and I can't say that I would recommend it at this point. If you fill us in a little better on how that CFI is setup we could give you a better idea of how to swap it to a carb.