Chambered X Pipe Vs A True X Pipe

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  1. im debating between the bbk 1635 x-pipe which is a stamped chambered type of x-pipe, and the lethal performance or mac x-pipe which is a no kidding real x-pipe. i have longtubes and magnapacks, and I dont want it to sound like crap.

    when i had the l/t's, bbk 1635, and flowmasters, it sounded good but at half throttle it would pop... sounded like exhaust pulses bouncing off the back side of the chamber... didnt care for it.

    when i ran the l/t's with the bbk o/r h-pipe and magnapacks, it sounded like garbage.

    currently, i have a bbk catted x-pipe w/ magnapacks and it sounds good, but it isnt quite loud enough and my afr is at 10.3 at wot. so I want to go back to an off road pipe to get the afr's back up in the 11's and increase the noise level. I am afraid that if I get the bbk x-pipe it will pop again, but I am also afraid that the mac style will sound too much like an h-pipe. anyone have any input? thanks.
  2. Swapped the pipes out... I lost a little bit of the depth in tone, but at idle and normal driving it sounds almost the same, just a lil bit more rasp... I can hear the cams chop again.

    When I lay in to it though... Holy hell... It's raw loud and nasty. My afr's went from a 10.3 at wot to 11.5, I was breaking loose in third (although it is pretty cool out side and the tires were not hot).

    I am much more happy with this setup than the catted x. And it is also leaps and bounds better than an h-pipe! I love an h-pipe with flows, but with magnapacks, this is the only way to go.

    I'll make a vid tomorrow.
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  3. Happy modding. I would like to hear a comparison on the true x versus stamped x on the same car, only changing the mid pipe. I've never thought very much about it but now I am intrigued. Lets hear the vid.
  4. Videos and pics!! In car vids, out of car vids, plus burn outs!!
  5. I made an in car and outside of the car vid but YouTube is timing out on the upload. I'll keep trying but I'm getting sick of trying