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  1. Okay heres the thing, i have a 98 laser red mustang, automatic
    Sleeper edit

    So i was lookin inside my car and it was made in december of 98 at dearborn, so i was wondering do you think i could have a 99 engine or just a factory freak???

    thanks brandon
  2. street racing stories are prohibitted in this forum, I edited it so that you could recieve and answer
  3. Well, they look different, so go by that. Look at some pics of 98- and 99+ engines if you really want to know. I've never heard of it but I also wouldn't think that a 98 would be made in Dec. '98. Maybe since it was right before the changeover, they made them deeper into 98. Who knows?
  4. sorry about the racing thing!

    i will need to get pics, but yes inside the door on the back panel it gives month and year and where it was made, mine says december 1998, dearborn

    i will look for engine pics
  5. that is funny, i have yet to locate a decent 99 engine pic, but i haven't looked too hard either. Poxic, i noticed you live in gladstone, i live not more than 30 minutes from there, i live on the missouri side though, right by lee's summit! I will keep everyone updated about the engine!
  6. ARe you sure it says 98 instead of 97?

    I don't think they'd make a 98 in Dec 98 :Shrug:
  7. You're not even allowed to post encounters?! :(
  8. without a doubt its a 98
  9. The original thread about street racing said you couldn't organize street races on the boards because it is illegal. It said nothing about talking about it. Talk about a power trip. This crackdown is really ghetto. I realize that the forums are set up for our convenience and its a privelege to use and stuff but come ON, we're on the INTERNET, talking about things that have already happened. Talking about those happenings is not going to affect reality.
  10. Don't worry V6er'z, all of us V8 will look after you all. Speaking of which.. last week when I was driving home.. I heard this loud noise just few feet behind my car, I looked around and knew that that wasn't an ordinary beehive, it was.. sleeper edit

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    P.S. Please don't ban me :D I apologized if I went too far. But hey, at least my grammar and spelling is better than most people out there :nice: Oh and by the way, 77Sleeper.. why don't you go Sleeper edit doh! :owned:
  11. hahahaahha thats just about the funniest post i've ever read.... props to the satirist, yeah we can't talk baout screet racin cus there might be kids around and all the cool kids these days wanna grow up and race a v6 mustang, so we don't want to aid them in there illegal ventures in any way...
  12. It's funny that you can't talk about encounters here, but you can on every other forum on SN.
  13. hmm. it is also funny that the v6 forum has no main forum...... maybe there is a reason that those who are "just stopping by to antagonize" do not fully comprehend....

    but then again, I am kinda new, only been here for 3½ years and ~6000 posts
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