Changed Springs...too!!!

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  1. So you're saying I can get away with a new set of stock shocks and struts? I'll be doing the coil overs more towards the end of the year...

    Btw, thanks for all the input, im fairly inexperienced when it comes to suspension. ..
  2. I'm pretty sure a new set would feel a whole lot better. If you can hold out a year with the bad ones and save money go for it. If you want a better ride for the year then just go cheap for right now. No point in going full out when you want coil overs. If it where me I'd buy the cheap stuff and see if I like it. I always hear coil overs are just stiff even with adjustable struts on. But some one else with coil overs would have to clarify that
  3. Like Thatsweetstang said Bilstiens are some of the best. The thing about them is they work great with Coil-overs, so no need for a change when you get your coilovers, at least with the Bilsteins from Maximum Motorsports. IIRC their Bilstein struts are notched for Coilovers. Call those guys and them, they are more than willing to help and not just try to sell you parts. I have the MM Bilsteins with their coilover kit and they are quiet and still work great after over 4 years of spirited driving and many ride height settings. With this set-up the car handles great and rides good.
  4. I guess I'm a cheapskate. If I knew I was upgrading to coilovers in a matter of months, I'd just put up with the rough ride, and then use the money I saved toward purchasing GOOD coilovers.
  5. Thanks for the input on the be honest, im getting used to the ride, so it may just stick for a lil while...I don't know, im actually in tge middle of replacing my single piston calipers on the front to the dual piston calipers from a 99-04 and im running into slight fitment issues...but should have it worked out tomorrow, just gotta do a lil grinding...
  6. Too bouncy for me too!

    I just changed my springs and shocks on all 4 wheels. I have a 2000 Mustang. I've been driving for the last two days and noticed it very bouncy. It stays bouncing for a few extra seconds after going over bumps on the road. I installed Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs, which stated it would drop 1.5" front and back, and the SR Performance Shock & Strut Kit from AM. Another thing I noticed was the driver side front seems lower, maybe about 1/2" lower than the passenger side. I haven't put my isolators in but I did order that as well. I wont be driving it too much until my Isolators and sway bar end links come in this coming Friday. Any clues as to why it bounces a lot and why the driver side sits lower? Thanks in advance!
  7. Too bouncy for me too!!

    Just installed over the weekend Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs (stated dropping 1.5" Front and Rear) and the SR Performance shocks and strut kit on a 2000 Mustang. I noticed the car stays bouncing after going over bumps on the road. My stock felt very stiff and hard whenever I went over bumps plus it squeaked so I saw an opportunity to change both springs and shocks. I did notice that the front driver side sits lower, about 1/2" than the passenger side. I don't have isolators right now but will get them this weekend as well as my sway bar end links. Any clue though as to why it bounces more than usual? Also, I was sent 1 bump stop for my rear but I didn't see or honestly don't know where to look for the bump stop. I was only sent 1. Could it have been packaged by mistake? Not sure..

    Thanks in advance!

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