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  1. The Shelby Name Plate Doesn't Raise The Price, Shelby Himself Said In A Press Confrence That The Gt500 Was For All To Enjoy And That Base Price Will Be Under 40k
  2. The Mustang GT is the 5% exception because Ford didn't make enough and demand is high right now. V6's are now advertised here in NorCal for $16,888. By next year anyone who wants one will be able to get a GT for $300-$500 over invoice easy. Just a prediction.

    My goal for a GT500 is $1000 below MSRP. Will I be able to do that in the first few months? No way. By the end of the second year run? Probably. I'm glad Ford says they will make enough to satisfy all the demand. Because if they limited the production, only the rich would be able to buy them and they'd sit in heated garages with covers on them. In 30 years a pristine one will be worth a whole lot more than the MSRP.

    The invoice price seems to typically be about $2200 less than MSRP. So if you can get it for $1k below MSRP. Than you are about the same as the dealer. However I only have to wait for the car to be built. Not wait for a second production year. This is an important factor to me.
  4. Any chance they will drop the solid axle and go with IRS? :shrug:
  5. I wished! It would put the car in another level. :)
  6. Of pricing most likely.
  7. So true.... The IRS is not going to happen.... And with all the power and looks, I am not going to miss it that much....
  8. most mustang owners drag race there cars and don't want irs thats why they left it out
  9. didnt i read a bunch of places before the 05 came out that this new mustang, not just this shelby, was desgined with irs in mind? not just an add in make it fit thing like the old stangs.
  10. they thought about designing it for irs but decided against it
  11. "This engine was first put into service in the limited-edition 2000 SVT Mustang Cobra R, a car that Car and Driver magazine ran from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and from 0 to 100 in 11 seconds, and that was without a supercharger."

    Wow. :D
  12. "Bait and Switch" ?

    No! Bait and switch is when you advertise one thing and try and sell something else instead. In this case the car that ford have shown so far is a concept, not a production vehicle. ford has not anounced any final production specs or prices yet so nothing is official. This is no different than when they showed the concept mustangs at the 2003 auto shows or the mach III concept in 92. Final equipment and specs may vary. Power for one thing will actually be higher than the concept. Expect 475-480 for production although current prototypes are actually running about 505.


    Not gonna happen. Some of the early cobra mules had IRS but they decided to revert to a solid axle for weight, durability and performance reasons. The IRS was heavier, more expensive and didn't add to performance. Since the GT500 is gonna be in the 3800 lb range, the extra weight just couldn't be justified. Besides, just take a look at the grand am cup cars and you will see that the live axle works just fine.
  13. I agree...I love the offcenter cobra emblem
  14. I though I read somewhere that during testing with the '05 GT they also found that the irs actually made the cornering performance worse than the solid rear axle did. Am I dreaming or does anyone else remember reading that? :shrug:

  15. I don't think i read that anywhere but its possible i guess, from what i've hurd of the GT's they handle better then older cobras with irs
  16. are they going to make them again in '08?

    and what of additional mustangs such as the new Boss and mach that have been rumored?
  17. Sam up there pretty much hit it right. The show cars you may have seen are built for display. Hence if you check out the wheels, you will notice the valve stems are found behind the spokes, not easily accessible. And yes, the interior is very leather laden. And now the hood has changed as well. But you gotta keep in mind, that marketing is aiming for $41K MSRP and this is with a vehicle that as of last word should put out 500 horse to go with the nameplate, GT500 will now stand for the power rating. You try building a limited run, last word was 7,200 units, at 500hp, give it a warranty, and keep it at $41K to win over Corvette and Viper buyers. Besides, Ford's gotta ton of over problems right now dealing with structure and whether or not they give this summer's intern a job offer when they leave in a couple of weeks. :(
  18. Current news says no