Changing names?

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by FarmerTom390, May 14, 2007.

  1. Sorry If this doesnt really blong here but it doesnt look like much goes on in the support forum? Is there anyone here that can p.m. me or email me about changing my name on here, i registered here a long time ago and its weird seeing a different name up here. If anyone can just change it Id like it to be FarmerTom390 .. thanks Resume mustang talk
  2. on it for ya. :)
  3. Eau contraire, Staffers watch this forum quite closely. ;)

    Name change complete.

  4. Name changers are Ghey :rolleyes:
  5. :Word:
  6. and those who mock them are :ban:

  7. It was an inside joke that I was hoping Tim would see. I have had mine changed 3 times now.
  8. :lol::rlaugh: :lol:
    Hey, you missed a spot.
  9. Thanks for taking care of it. I wouldnt really change my name but any other forum I am on is farmertom and when i went to register here it told me i was already registered under the old name and I didnt even know i was a member so anyhow Thank You guys
  10. i am just supper bored so im posting in weird places just to do it.
  11. You are most welcome.