Changing of the Upper Intake only

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  1. Are there any benefit from changing the upper only on a stock 5.0? And if it is, which one?

    I am not in the market for a full h/c/i swap, but would change the upper to gain some giddy up, along with the tb/maf if advised. I have already changed to a homemade cai.

    From what i have read so far, our stock intake is the worst restriction to the HP capacity and so should be the place to start.

    Thoughts? Suggesstions?

  2. No, the big bottle neck is the lower. What heads, cam and intake are you thinking of?

  3. honestly if your fairly happy with the car's stock performance and are just looking for a little bit more getup and go....then id say....get some gears (3.73's if a stick 4.10's if auto) some underdrive pulleys maybe a TMOSS ported stock manifold (seems to work well, and is priced pretty well) and maybe think about a small (50) shot of nitrous oxide for a little punch when you need it.....i think that will give you a real nice kick in the most around here (including myself) have caught the HP bug real bad.....and cant get enough of the stuff but if your just looking for a little more punch id check out gears and pullies.....

  4. I WOULD ATTEST TO THAT, i changed my lower to one ported by t-moss, you can really feel the diff between this one and the stock one for sure

    he sells them for like 130$, and for that price you will notice, good bang for the buck.
  5. I haven't decided on the h/c/i combo, yet. I think that change is down the road. I mistakingly bought (and plan to get out of) a typhoon complete, but after reading alot of PM's, decided I didn't want to spend the additional 1300+ for the heads/cam and labor.

    So for now, I will stay with stock tb, maf and modify the stock intake.

    Gears and pulleys will be changed, maybe for my christmas!! :D
  6. What do you mean by modify the stock intake? Are you going to port the lower or have someone else do it?

  7. Jake,

    I mean look into having someone port the lower, I don't know how. Would the 3.73 gears be to much, since i do above average highway driving?

    TMOSS - Are you interested and how you would recommend doing this from sunny CA, thanks.

  8. I would definatly do 3.73's. No problem on the highway. I would consider your future plans before you go ahead and port your stock lower. If your going to get some aftermarket heads you will definatly want a better flowing intake than a ported stocker. My advice would be to pick up a used 94-95 Cobra intake and slap it on the stock heads and cam, throw in some 3.73's and you'll definatly be smiling. Then when you get some aftermarket heads and a cam in the future, you can have TMOSS port out the GT-40/Cobra lower and you'll be set.

  9. Thanks for the advise on the intake. I will definitely do the gears now and start to look for the intake.

    BTW, the stock tb and maf will do me okay for a while, but will a change in exhaust do more for my stocker, except for sound?


  10. You will gain HP if you change the exhuast but prob not as much as chageing or porting your stock intake. Thes cars are restricted alot, once you free up the motor by bigger MAF, Heads, and Intake then you still have the issue of freeing up the exhuast b/c that is also restricted. You pretty much have to do the car from front to back in order to improve the airflow for the whole car.
  11. Sure. If you are going to change heads later, the GTJake is right - get a Cobra or Explorer intake (ceaper yet) and run that unported on the stock heads. When you do the heads later then port the lower Cobra/Explorer intake.

    If the head change is WAY off, you might want to do the ported stock lower now. It's a really nice hit. You can sell the ported lower later. One of my customers ebayed one of my ported lowers for over $100 and I just sold one on ebay for $125 final winning bid.
  12. Probably will look around for a ported lower, any suggestions for a place in CA?

    Will the ported stock lower flow as good as the explorer? I can't seem to find a used cobra.
  13. be careful about looking around for a ported stock could be getting jerked something like that id spend the money right and go right to the source TMOSS.....

  14. yeah for the money and bang for the buck i would go t-moss, his intake really adds a lot of torque. I am probably going to go with a cobra before long, as i am gonna do heads soon.

    vipers right, if you gonna buy a ported lower, go straight to the source unless its someone you know has one of his they are selling(which is what i did)

    good luck
  15. PM me for info if your interested. Shipping to cali is about $20-21 but it's included in the cost of an outright purchase of $150.