Charcoal Canister Scan Code P1443

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  1. I just got my 96 Mustang GT back from the Ford dealer. The check engine is on about 25% of the time and the code that came back was P1443 (Charcoal Canister Purge Sensor). I thought I knew the basics of cars, but this was something I had never heard of. The car also has some hesitation in it and I was wondering if this could be the problem. Also is this a fairly easy fix, something novice to intermediate could do? I'm guessing the part costs around $250, but I could be wrong. Any and all advice is extremely appreciated. Thanks. :shrug:
  2. 99% of the time it's the Purge Flow Sensor. It's about $30 canadian which is like $20 US. I think your better off changing that first. It is a black sensor with an electrical connector on it and two vacuum hoses going into it one from each end. It is on the passenger side close to the firewall. One hose comes from the vapor canister so that should help you find it or go buy it first so you know what your looking for. Don't forget to dissconnect your battery after to clear the codes. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for your advice, it is much appreciated. Do you think this sensor could affect the acceleration? If I jump on the gas hard then it has no problem taking off. But when I slowly jump on the gas it kind of sputters, even though I'm running above 2k rpms. There's no rough idle, and this really only happens from 30+ mph. Thanks again.
  4. Thats really weird. My car got that same code today. Really weird! Car wasn't running any different though. It does hesitate sometimes. It needs some more power :( If I dont get the jump on some cars (transams) and such, I dont make up my lost ground. We're dead even pretty much :(
  5. I was once looking for the same part too. its $79.99 at local ford dealership :rlaugh:
  6. The sensor is not supose to affect driveability to much but you never know so start of with it. $79.99 is way to much. We may be talking about a diffrent sensor. Many people and parts guys get the DPFE sensor mixed up with it. Not the same sensor or price.
  7. Its the same part. why dont you guys call ford see how much prices are.
  8. Just to wrap this up...I bought the Purge Flow Sensor on Friday. It cost under $23 and seemed to fix the car. I don't have the hesitation anymore and the check engine light has cleared. I've only test driven it about 6 miles, but I guess time will tell. Thanks to all for your help.-Mike
  9. hey i just got the same problem and i was wondering exactly were the canister is located
  10. Erskine:

    It's in the passenger side fenderwell, behind the plastic liner. Mark the hoses using masking tape so you remember what is connected to what.
  11. that code is not for the canister!!!!. its for the purge flow sensor. change out the sensor and the problem dissapears. the only reason why a canister would go bad is if you top off your gastank, still trying to fill the tank after the pump clicks.
  12. I had P1443 come up on my 96 a year or so ago. I replaced the sensor first and the light stayed off for about a month then came back on. So i went back to Ford and got the cannister and havent seen the code since. Heres the part numbers for both.

    Purge Flow Sensor Part # F57Z-14A606-BA
    Purge Flow Cannister/Solenoid Part # E4ZF-9C915-AA
  13. ok thanks

  14. I agree with the message above. I replaced the purge flow sensor and the check engine light went off, and stayed off for about a month. But I only drove the car about 30 miles during that time. As soon as someone came to buy the car, the light came back on. I had heard that the code could apply to either the sensor or the cannister. I opted to replace the sensor first because it cost $22 compared to $55 and also there are two different types of cannisters (black and almond colored) and I didn't know which one it was when I was at the service counter, the car was at home. So the sensor did fix my sputtering problem in the short run, but I'm not sure how the car is doing now, since I did sell it. Both parts are extremely easy to replace, it shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes. The purge flow sensor is black and has two hoses coming out of it, one on each side. Follow one to the cannister, it's about three inches long by about an inch and a half wide, you can't miss it on the passenger side firewall. Hope this helps.-Mike
  15. When you received your code did you also get a P1443 Pd as a second code. I thought it was strange to come up as a second code and am not seeing what it means online.
  16. *As the thread screams.. IM NOT DEAD YET!* Close to 6 years since this thread was alive and kicking.. Oh well at least someone knows this: :search:
  17. Yeah no kidding about the Old thread. I had to ping in on it though as didn't see anything more recent. The code had me surprised as hell even the Haynes book doesn't even have it only closest thing is the P0443 I was surprised of the Pd part and even moreso the book shows them as P0 not P1. I expect they are the same code but was wondering if when the code occurred if they got it a second time. :jaw:
  18. I just fixed my 1443 code on my 96 gt. On a hunch I removed the solenoid and cleaned it with MAF cleaner, and re-installed it. It fixed it for me and the light has stayed off for weeks so far. To be even more sure, I didnt even clear the code - the light went off by itself after around 50 miles. Before the fix it was on first occasionally then constantly.
  19. Surprisingly my check engine light disappeared today. The catch is that the previous owner had one tube connected to the EGR solenoid from it to the EGR (using the wrong port) I got tubing for the Manifold Vacuum and connected it, then noticed the tubing were connected wrong. Corrected that and its ran fine with exception to the P1443 code that came back up after I cleared them, the code those was already coming up before. So I wanted to start preping a fix when this morning I noticed the light cleared itself. So I'm watching it from here on out. Could that of fixed the issue? As if the vapor canister was that saturated and just now cleared out?