Charlotte/Concord Mustang Shops??

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  1. I searched and didn't turn up anything.........

    I've heard there are some Mustang Specialty shops up around the Speedway and in downtown area Charlotte...... Anybody have any info?

  2. There are a few is doing all my work, Kevin and KC have built some fast Saleens...if you call them, tell them Torrey sent you their way :D
  3. Stay away from Underground Racing. I've heard of many bad experiences from many different people. Do a search on this forum and there's a post several pages long complaining about this shop. The premier tuner in the Charlotte area is Custom Performance, and they are behind the speedway. They tend to be a bit pricey and slow to get work done. Also, CPRacing is gaining alot of respect with local folks. They have contracts with most of the major supercharger manufacturers to do warrantied installations and they send customers to CPRacing form all over NC/SC. CPRacing is on South Blvd in Charlotte. Ask for Ralph and tell him Dave sent you. Great prices on parts there. Finally, Atlantic Racing is a small shop in the Indian Trail/Monroe area. The folks there are really nice and very helpful. Prices are a little less than Summit or any other catalog. Small showroom, though and not much selection. They did my ring and pinion as well as the gears for two of my other friends. Good folks. Ask for Jerry.
  4. CPracing is a good shop. Also if you don't mind a little drive go up to Mooresville and Modular Madness only works with Mustangs. They do great work. They did my tune, and gears. Ask for Don.
  5. I know this is a super old thread but I just wanted to say what a great experience I had working with all the guys at CP Racing in Charlotte.... Every guy there takes the kind of personal pride in his work that you wish everyone did.... My car has found a new second home......
  6. heck ya CPRacing is a very good performance shop and if any one tell's you to go to custom performance dont,bad attitudes from the workers and the owner you know like there $hit dont stink.:flame: custom performance
  7. haha, what did one of there cars beat u at the track or somthin?
    all mustangs all good:flag:
  8. no I'm just saying that I only think that you should give your customers respect for going to your shop and giving them your respect,money and business thats all. oh and no none of there cars beat me a the track but I beat one of there black fox bodys on the why to work:D
  9. Where exactly is CPRacing on South Blvd?

    does anyone have the address or phone number to CPRacing? I tried looking them up and can't find em. I would like to find a place where I can take my stang to have it tuned up.