Chassis Stiffening? Or Maybe Suspension?

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  1. I thought I would turn to the forums on this one. Just bought a 2013 GT Convertible after trading up from a 2012 GT Coupe. I am noticing the live -axle a bit more in the convertible than I did in the coupe. I am also getting little rattles here and there and a bit more body roll in turns.

    What can I do to mitigate this? Is this a chassis issue or a suspension issue? In either direction, what might my best course of action be? Ford Racing has a complete handling package for the convertibles that I am considering. When I looked into chassis stiffening, the majority of products out there are for coupes.

    What to do...
  2. You can try suspension kit, I have the FRPP kit on my coupe and I love it!! What you have to figure out is it suspension sloppiness or chassis flex you're feeling? IF I"m not mistaken coupes on cnvrts have same shock and spring rates (somebody chime in if I'm wrong) so if you're feeling flex the kit won't help you.
  3. What about something like some sub-frame connectors?

    The only difference, I can think of, between the coupe and conv't would be if the conv't has some kind of OEM "x brace".

    I would imagine almost any kind of sub frame or suspension "brace" would improve the feel of the car.
  4. A strut tower brace would certainly help. Convertibles tend to be more prone to "cowl shake" than hard tops do.

    I'm actually quite surprised that nobody makes a nice 3-point brace for the S197's like they do for earlier models?
  5. Gearbanger: Mine is a Premium so it has the factory strut tower brace (thankfully)

    earleys94gt: I'll have to do some more research off of that link. In the product description it reads "Will also fit convertible Mustangs if rear bracing is removed." Haven't been under the car recently so I am not quite sure what that means or what sections they are recommending removing here. I would imagine the connectors would be an improvement though.
  6.'s your experience with the FRPP pack? I was looking into that as well since Ford will warranty the suspension pack and for the convertible it's less expensive. Plus I have read a lot of great reviews.
  7. I love mine!!! I had triple digit speed stability concerns, (ROFL) she I got the car, that kit cured that!!
  8. Subframe connectors can't hurt, but rear control arms and panhard bar will make the biggest difference.
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  9. I thought those cars come with a panhard bar?
  10. They do, but the stock PHB is flimsy, and has soft rubber bushings.
  11. After I thought about it, I was like damn! Ha-ha You are suggesting upgrade both items. Sorry I'm still stuck in the fox life, just trying to learn.
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  12. After doing some research across the web and other forums, their are not many ways to stiffen the car up. The s197 platform seems to be a much stiffer platform than previous generations and things like sub-frame connectors don't have the same effect they used to in say my old 1994 GT.

    I am digging the idea of LCA's and the panhard, probably just LCA's to start. Anybody have experience and could recommend? I have been looking into Steeda's even though they are on the higher end, but I have had great success with their products in the past.
  13. UPR & MM
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