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  1. I have a 1988 Mustang LX 2.3, less than 90,000 miles, interior is nice and engine in good running order. I wouldn't dare think of selling it. I love my baby, I just wanna maker her a little faster.
  2. Why do guys always call their cars and other forms of transportation their babies? And why do they refer to them as females?

    Blech, that's so irritating. We talked about this in my womens studies class - it implies that women are only used when the men need them and then left in a garage or wherever else when they're finished. Get out of the 20th century!
  3. WTF???

    Come on girl! I know many chicks that call their car's Male names or refer to them as Him.

    My supercharged stang is called Britney (Spears) because she only accepts the finest parts, looks awesome, ****es a lot, etc...
  4. Seems the often overlooked way to go fast "cheap" (maybe even make money) has been overlooked.

    Lose weight!

    Get rid of anything you can strip of the car that is not needed. Some parts you may actually be able to sell even. The more you dump the faster you go.


    ...doesn't meet the requirements of orig. post but so what.

  5. As irritating as it may be (like old ladies calling you hon. or sweety) You might be happier if you don't take everything they teach in "women's studies" too serious. :D


    Welcome to stangnet cutestangchick
  6. You must be a feminist, its a metaphor. :hail2:
  7. Well, I was stating my opinon - as you were yours.

    I figure this forum needs a little estrogen, anyway.

  8. I may be happier, only because this society is generally centered on males. However, I chose not to accept that - and that's why I complain. :OT: :jester:

    Edit: thanks, by the way.
  9. ive posted this before so ill do what i can from memory...the reasons cars are girls is becuase in many ways the are exactly the same: they cost alot of money to maintain, even if you have the money your not garunteed perferct working order, somedays they run cold-others they blow a head gasket, they are tempermental on occation, they have anniverarys, you can buy them gifts, they can let you down, or make you proud, they can be stolen, if you treat them right your more than likely to get it back in return. They look exstremely sweet after they get a bath, and still look sweet when they are a little dirty, they get old..but they will always be a classic, You always remember the good times and the bad times with them, no matter how much u work on them...your work is never finished, with enough tinkering they purr so nicely, without care they knock and make alot of noise until u do care...basicly you can go on for hours drawing comparisons....just accept what is enevitable and be flatterd that girls are lucky enough to be compared to cars....and my famous quote....(someday)

    "though it cost more than a dozen flowers to fix my stang, atleast onces it done, your good for awhile"

    hope you enjoyed ;o)
    keep it real
  10. Haha, that's awesome. That just made up for anyone irritating me before :nice:
  11. Feminist? Yes.

    What's with the hail smilie? Are you hailing me now that you irritated me? :banana:
  12. We have a few guys around here that have enough estrogen to grow boobs but heck it's nice to have more females around too. :drool: :D

    Anyways, glad to have a feminist (I'm a mananist) around to balance things out a bit and make sure everybody gets irritated equally. :stick:

  13. I like how people can take one forum thread and turn it into something completely different, DETERMINATION, VISIONARIES, YOU GUYS RULE!

    Disclaimer: By "GUYS" the said individual means males and females alike, "buddies" if you will.

    And just for fun, A DANCING FRUIT


  14. Then "PEOPLE" would be the correct term, no?

  15. do not go with an 87 Thunderbird turbo. 86 and 87 t-birds are the highest number of mechanically totalled cars ever built by ford and that is because of the turbo. They have a high potential to seize, and backing up the motor with exhaust gas. an 88 would be good though
  16. Am I the only one who's made sweet love to a car? :shrug: :nice: :flag:
  17. :lol: Maybe!
  18. Really?

    What other reason is there for High flow heads, 3" exhaust pipes, comfortable interior and large intakes?
  19. :scratch: Horsepower maybe? :rlaugh:
  20. damn,

    I gota stop drinking.