Cheap, effective speed

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  1. :rlaugh:
  2. BTW, this is my car, with all its non majesty.
  3. And where did you ever hear this... :shrug:


  4. Is that her in her wedding dress? :D

    Nice but her shoes don't match the outfit.........

  5. Why do feminists always look for the negative aspect of every situation? Maybe it's just just a sign of affection, since guys are usually affectionate towards girls. The whole idea is to give it a postive persona, since we like our cars and all.

    But your rant is understandable. Why else would a girl with the screen name, "cutestangchick" come on a forum that's at least 90% male and rant about males? Attention of course! I guess you win.
  6. Rotfl! point made quite nicely, but a smart attention starved girl none the less...atleast she knows where to go :rlaugh:
  7. Confuscious say- never love anything that can't love you back. After careful analysis, he never said--never make love to anything that can't love you back. Hmmmm, I guess we have a gray area here. :shrug:
  8. WOW, didn't think I would ever hear of woman’s studies in this place. My Beautiful Baby is 11 years old now and has many many miles on her and is the best sight in the morning noon and night for me. I treat her right and give her all the best that the world can offer. When I complete her new Power plant it will be like having a new Baywatch girl in the family. It is all in perception Men give their ladies all the attention that they need, the gifts that they want and the love that they deserve. This is why men refer to their cars as their babies. Now everyone has their own perspective on this and I am only sharing mine. If you come to talk tech then we can do that but don’t bring us down on our Context...............
  9. Resurrection!

  10. I say install a shot of nitrous!