cheap gas clogs filter?

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  1. I was coming home to austin a few days ago, going through west, TX. I saw gas for 1.54/gal, about .20 cheaper than anywhere else around, so naturally, I filled up. Then, I was driving yesterday and my car was really losing a lot of power, almost stalling when coming from a stop, and taking forever to start up. I ended up changing the fuel filter and that fixed it. Do you think the cheap gas could of caused clogging or was it just random expiration of the filter?(it was only 1yr/25k miles old)
  2. The gas you get from the pump is whatever is flowing through the pipeline at the time. It is all the same stuff, whichever station you go to.
    When the stations are refilled, all the debris at the bottom of the tanks is suspened into the rest of the gas. If you filled up while the tank truck was there, or shortly after it has been there, it is very likely that you got a tank of gas with a lot of debris that clogged the fuel filter.
  3. Don't forget that all gas pumps have their own fuel filters. If the station that you filled up at had a lot of suspended particles and their fuel filters were also faulty, then yes, THAT cheap gas clogged your filter (which may well have been on its own way to being clogged from your own tank).

  4. I probably agree with you as far as the big names are concerned, EXXON, SHELL, BP AMOCO, etc., but as far as the little I buy fuel only from EXXON.
  5. It happens, yes. Dad got some diesel from a brand new Sunoco station one time, made it about 15 miles before the injector pump fell apart. Water/dirt in the new tanks?