Cheap (price) Computers At Autozone

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  1. Just a heads up, if anyone is looking for a computer, Autozone sells them for about 100$. I thought this was a deal, so i wanted to share it. I would have thought they would cost over 250$. Enjoy
  2. all the parts store list them, and perhaps at a given time they actually can get them. i went to all of them only to find i had to drive an hour to oreilly's to actually be able to order one. seems they are cyclic in availability depending on how many have been turned back in for core charges.
  3. If you search all their systems online, you can usually find what you need, but like said above, it's almost always "special order only". Go into the store armed with information, because the desk clerk will look at you cross-eyed.

    FWIW, they do not verify what your core trade-in is. I swapped my old junk '86 Speed Density computer for an A9L.
  4. The ECU's are made by Cardone Industries (I worked for them for 16+ years) and usually half price or less than what the dealer sells it for. There will be a core charge between $25-$100 depending on part number. Most auto parts stores can get them within 24 hours if they don't have them on the shelf.
  5. ...Which makes complete sense since only half of them actually work. :D
  6. The stealership went used on mine. They did not have an A9l available new, did not check aftermarket or rebuilding place. As long as the salvage place took to misorder, mish ship and generally mess up, I wish we had done this or rebuilt it.