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  1. Ran across a guy and he has a vortech v-1 supercharger bracket and intake tube. Supercharger needs new bearings. What all else would I need? Have 24lb. Inj. Strong fuel pump. But have never done this before. Is it worth fulling with?
  2. Better check with vortech on how much a rebuild costs.

    Summit has the base kit for $2300 and i'm pretty sure it can be had for $1900 if you shop around.

    So a setup that is not in working order and may be missing parts is a pretty big risk.
    No point in buying it used and having as much in it as new.
    Make sure it's a hell of deal.
  3. I'd pass. A used V1 with the straight cut gears that needs repairs and is missing the pulleys, FMU, bypass, fuel pump, etc? Have you priced getting all the missing parts? If you still want to buy it, run the serial # through Vortech and see if it was ever rebuilt. If I remember, Vortech gets about 800 or so to repair and upgrade the V1 to V2. For that amount of money you can buy a good used V2 complete setup. I've seen plenty with different pulleys, timing controls. etc for around $1500-$1800 all day long. Personally, I would never buy a used supercharger unless I could inspect it in person and then only after checking with Vortech to see if it was rebuilt.
  4. Thanks everything you said makes perfect sence. Appreciate your time.
  5. ^^^ What they said, used and broken v1, oh hell no.. not even if it was free