Cheapest 600 hp - 2000 Convertible fully built block - in NC

Discussion in 'SN95 Mustangs For Sale (1994-04)' started by rthouck, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Engine was built for 1,000 hp. Its using a conservative tune at 392hp to the wheels right now. I have all the receipts for it, including the blueprint with all the clearances for the engine. Throw the other pulley on and it'll do 600-700hp no problem. Engine was built for way more. I didn't want to be living on the ragged edge.

    YouTube - '00 Mustang dyno pull

    The engine is a new windsor block - balanced and blue printed internals. Forged crank, diamond blower coated pistons, forged Manley H-Rods.
    All ARP fasteners.
    Steel Billet flywheel w/ Centerforce Dual friction clutch
    Using 42lb injectors and a vortech supercharger.
    Trick Flow intake.
    90mm mass air intake
    Strut Brace.
    Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump
    Mach 1 grill delete
    Fiberglass hood
    Cobra wheels
    '03 Cobra Front and Rear brakes
    Hurst Competition shifter
    3.55 rear end
    8.8 girdle
    Upper and lower Control Arms
    Eibach Springs
    Air/Fuel and Boost Gauges on A-pillar
    Saleen S351 Wing
    Subframe Connectors
    Borla Exhaust with Cats and X-pipe
    Heads are ported and polished - including 5 angle valve job

    Thats most of the main stuff. I'm sure there's more but the obviously the fully built engine and the blower are the big things, everything really just supports that.

    Interior is in very good condition. Carpet is like new. Convertible top is in great condition - looks new. Paint is very nice and shiny - I wont say its perfect cause none is.

    I now have a Procharger Intercooler, Vortech Maxflow blow off, Smaller pulley, and aluminum 3" intercooler tubing - If you feel like having 600 hp - just throw it all on the engine's built for way more.

    There is also a saleen body kit included with the car.

    I have over 23k in receipts for the car. They come with the car and you're more than welcome to add them all up.

    Price of the car is $13,500 - if you compare any other ads on here or ebay - you're looking at $16k-$30k for this kind of car. Come check it out - you'll really like it.

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  2. hmm... got lots of hits on the other mustang site...
  3. doesnt help 03 black GT has an 03 kenne belled car for sale a couple threads beside yours for less then your askin and the way the economy is it looks like we'll be keepin em for a while cause ppl are broke! but goodluck with sale. nice car.
  4. That car is running a stock short block! And its only $500 cheaper. The short block cost 7000 and its the whole reason for the price of the car.

    There are tons of supercharged mustangs floating around. But not with blueprinted engines, everything forged, and stuck together with ARP fasteners. If you ran that engine up to 600hp it would be very short lived - let alone if you wanted to push past that at all....

    I think the price of my car, $26k new (bought from the original purchaser), Plus the documentd $23k in mods, is fair at 13,500 - especially knowing the engine isn't gonna blow on you.

    But you are right people are broke right now. I'm actually not - so if anyone says $12,500 I'll let it go - if you're not an idiot and will take care of it.
  5. Pictures sent - let me know if you need anymore or have any questions - great car!

    I drove a regular GT the other - the comparison is nuts - between the power, suspension and brakes its not even the same car!
  6. sent you an email about your car
  7. Its a nice looking car but I dont really need to sell mine either, so there's really no point in trading for something with less power. I appreciate the offer though.
  8. k,thanks, if I sell mine then I may get back with you
  9. I'd love to have one of those as a race car though - but i'd definetly buy a more banged up one - your's is way to nice.
  10. I'm thinking of putting this on ebay - this forums seem to have a narrow audience
  11. well it doesnt help that you can buy terminators for around 15-16k with more power..
    plus people arent spending money right now unfortunately. i lost a few thousand selling my cars also.

    How many miles on the car total?

    Nice car though good luck
  12. I agree. But the cheaper terminators are going to be beat on and certainly wont have interiors that still look new. But you are right its a tough market right now. I'm always open to any offers - worst case I just wont accept them.

    The car has 68k miles on the the chassis. I bought the car from the original owner, and he and I both used the car as a weekend driver.
  13. More details on what blower and pulley combination you are running would go along way towards justifying your claim of a pulley swap gaining 200whp.

    As you have already pointed out, the bypass, intercooler, and piping need to be installed. As would a larger MAF, larger injectors, dyno tuning and mostly likely an entire full fuel system to make those numbers.

    Who tuned it? Software? Timing? AFRs?
  14. Word
  15. I'm actually deployed to Iraq right now - so I can't run out and look but if I remember correctly it made that pull with a 3.33" pulley and the pulley I have waiting is either a 2.87 or one larger possibly.

    Already has a 90mm MAF on it so that would be good. The injectors and kenne bell boost-a-pump would be topped at 600. But good for it. Just not beyond. I verified this through Kenne Bell. And I've seen people running the setup at 550rwp.

    It was tuned by Livernois. I don't recall software, timing or AFR's. Although I did tell them safe and conservative.

    Anyone who buys the car is gonna know what they're getting into, parts and hp wise if they want to make big numbers. But then they should know the car is worth that price or at least an offer in that range.
  16. very nice ride tho. how many miles on car total?
  17. 68k miles on the car total about 15k on the engine
  18. I drove up and test drove this BEAST. Very Sweet. I'm now waiting to hear back on the
    details of final sell info....then it maybe mine...
  19. I'm not gonna lie it makes me pretty sad to sell it but I'm glad you like it. Keep me updated on it!
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