Check Engine Light Came On Today

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  1. Car is showing a P1000 and a P0401. :nonono:
    P0401: Insufficient EGR flow detected.
    P1000: OBD System Readiness Not Complete.

    What are the common issues regarding these and how do I check/fix them?
  2. I found a vacuum line that had popped loose. I think that was the P0401 codes remedy. I cleared the codes and took the car for a short drive. No CES but I rechecked the codes anyway.

    I: The P1000 code is still in there. Could this be due to having the rear O2 sensors turned off with the tuner?

    Me: Yeah, I think that is it. Turn the rear O2s on an install MILs and they will likely go away with some mileage. Thanks me, for all the help.

    I: Oh, no problem. You probably should have Google searched it a bit more before posting.

    Me: Yeah, you're probably right. Don't get so panicky next time.
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  3. Does your OBD2 reader check the readiness monitors?

    If so, scan it and look at the O2 Monitors. Do they say incomplete or complete? Put a few miles on the car and recheck.

    If they continue to say incomplete, then that is why you keep getting the P1000 code.
  4. This, your computer needs to have a clean slate to eliminate the pending code, or you just fix the issue, reset the code/batteries and drive it normally. Usually it takes either a really long drive or several drives with the engine seeing different RPM's and road speeds.