"Check Engine Light" ON

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by 04YELLOWGT, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Well we were out driving the car today and all of the sudden the CEL came on and we don't know why. Its got about 130 miles on it and we've had it for about a week. Its came on a few times before and then it would just shut off. Now this time it came on and hasnt turned off. Has anyone had this problem or know why it might do this? There are no driving issues with it and no weird sounds.
  2. Beautiful choice of Beast you have there Yellow. The 04 isn't too shabby either. Regarding your comment/? above......

    Errrrr, Here is my take (and I rarely advise this to anyone, but am here considering the vehicle and the mileage. Unless you have a scan tool or a SCT X-cal where you can pull us the P codes, this is a shot in the dark.)

    If you are driving an 07 Shelby GT500 that has had the CEL coming off and on intermittent since you got the vehicle, WHY ARE YOU ASKING US? :( Get that Beotch to the dealership ASAP, Son! :)

    No reason to mess with this one. RUN like the wind and let them play with the OBD Codes as to the whys or pull us the P-codes so we have some information we can go on.

    Sorry Yellow, that is too new and nice a Stang to screw with.
  3. Actually the guy from the dealship is coming down tomorrow to take a look at this but I was just wondering if any one had an idea around here so I could give him a head start on it.
  4. Awesome! I can now sleep better tonight. :nice: The only head start we could give him is a P-code from the OBD-II. :( You have paid some good $$$ for this bad-boy, let him worry about it.

    Let us know what he finds (or not). Make sure you stand over him like his shadow and get those P-codes as he pulls them. :lol:

  5. Well got it fixed. It was a bad coil and was replaced. No biggie
  6. Out of curiosity, what oil filter and oil does it bring and how much oil does it hold?

    Does it specify to use Mobil 1 or not?
  7. Good to hear. Happy driving! :)
  8. It needs full synthetic but Im not sure how much or what brand.
  9. how can anyone possibly guess what kind of codes a car has. the only way to know is to pull the codes. take it to the dealer its covered.