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  1. this might be a stupid question and have and obvious answer but im just very paranoid.
    i was driving yesterday and the check engine light came on.
    i dont know whats wrong with it. my car has around 59k miles on it.
    The oil was just changed 500 Miles ago. i checked the oil it was golden and at the max. Radiator is full, according to the gauge the engine temp is right were it should be. washer fluid is full. everything is full and i havent noticed anything stand out. Im takin it to get it scanned and checked out.
    Should i be worried about this?
  2. do you have an aftermarket o/r H or X pipe on the car?
  3. NO as of right now the car is fully stock. I havent dont anything to it yet.
  4. Hmmm...zincpony...this board isn't big enough for TWO zinc cars!
  5. Similar Problem

    I have a 2002 with 63,000 miles on it. The Check Engine light just came on and I brought it to autozone and the code was P1285 (Fuel Air Meter Control). What does this mean and what is involved in fixing it? and cost?

    I checked other sources about the code and it said that P1285 means Cyclinder Head Over Temperature. Any idea on which is correct?

    The car seems to run OK in general, but the gas mileage has been down slightly on the past two tanks.

    Any advice/inisght is great appreciated.
  6. go to autozone and get the code pulled for free. if you look on the 4.6 tech section, there is a list of the most common codes.
  7. Check Engine Light will always deal with your fuel emissions systems.
  8. negative. there are about 10,000 different reasons why the CEL will come on.
  9. wait so like Autozone can get a code on what the computer things its wrong with the car.
  10. Yes they will tell you the code for free.

    Side note I know that a "P1408 EGR Flow rate out of range, insufficent flow." = DPFE Sensor is shot.
  11. Oh yeah? Name some of them please that don't deal with the emmissions systems. I am curious.
  12. I had a CEI after I installed I had a K&N Cold Air Intake professionally installed. It said the MAF sensor reported low reading and the temp. sensor reported too high readings. This is weird cause the CAI should increase the amount of COLD air. Anyway, never got the problem fixed. Got rid of the K&N and put the stock back.

    Pep Boys charges $20 to have the code checked.
    Autozone is free. Go there. They can scan it, pull up on the computer what the problem is, and print it out for you.
  13. there are codes for the chassis electrical systems, ive pulled codes for taillights being out, there are codes for wiring harness and network problems. then there are ABS codes.
  14. when the gas is pressed theres this noise coming form the engine when accelerating either slow or fast.
    im a try to go AutoZone tomorrow and see what the code i get is.
  15. what kind of noise?
  16. Cold Air Intakes don't really lower the temp of the air going into the car. It just pulls in the air, most often times, from the fenderwell which is farther from the engine. The air is not in the intake system for anytime at all, let alone enough time to cool off. Pretty much what the intake system does is just give the air a nice smooth surface to travel against, resulting in a bit of a faster travel time, meaning more air can be sucked through. The name is kind of misleading.

    You could buy a cryo system for your intake then it would cool the air going through there but it's pretty much a waste of money.

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    anyways i went to the AUTO ZONE the code they gave me was

    P0401 Insufficient EGR Flow.

    can those little fuel system cleaners take care of this or do i have to get the Ford Engine Carbon-Build-up clean-service or what ever the dude on the phone said. Truthfully i dont even know what the problem really is. I have no a clue what EGR is.

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  20. alright well i got the little fuel injector cleaner thingy injected in my fuel. I need to see if that will do the trick but i am seriously doughting it. Just being hopefull. but man i dont wnana have to pay 54.99 for part then then labor to replace the EGR Valve

    zincyellow so i guess the ants are going to be bowing down to us soon.