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Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ZincPony, Jun 19, 2005.

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  4. i want information about my car. how can the PO401 Insufficient EGR Flow problem can be fixed

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  5. THE CEL is dealing with the emissions, not oil, coolant level so it is somethign in the emmissions part. go to for some answers as well.
  6. The fuel injector cleaner is not going to fix this one. The EGR (Exhaust Gas Reciculator) is bad. It is an emission part and goes out on some cars at different mileage.

    It is a real easy install and can be done in your garage with basic hand tools. Here is the instructions from the manual:

    Disconnect the vacuum hose.

    Disconnect the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) tube (9D477) from the EGR valve (9D460).

    Remove two bolts, the EGR valve and gasket.


    NOTE: Install a new gasket.

    NOTE: The 4.6L, 4V is shown. The 3.8L and the 4.6L, 2V are similar.

    To install, reverse the removal procedure.

    When you go and look at the EGR valve you will see that it is right on top of the engine and if you pay to have it done, well you should not tell us. It would be a waste of money!

    Hope this helps.


  7. yea i went and i bought the Haynes Repair Manual for 94-04 mustangs.
    going to try to do it myself this weekend if possible.
  8. Don't change the EGR VALVE!!! YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!

    I'm serious. I had the same code and I took mine up to Autozone to get the code checked out. The reason that the person at autozone told you that you needed your EGR Tube replaced is because that is the only part that they sell that may fix the problem. Take it to a real machanic and have them check it out becasue it is probably you DPFE sensor died on you. Thats it, just a sensor.

    And if you dont you dont believe me, I will send you a copy of my work order to prove it.


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  10. so should i replace the CRG valve or take it to a mechanic to get it check out.
  11. dont replace the EGR valve right away, theres no such thing as a CRG valve. unless you know what you are doing, just take it to a shop and pay the money to have them do it.